President Obama Still Struggles to Stop Smoking… Hypnosis Could Help

President Barak Obama At Number 10So, there he is, the most powerful man in the world, leader of our nation, and the Commander and Chief of the most powerful armed forces in the world, still unable to stop smoking.

He says that he wants to quit, but in his own words, according to USA Today’s website, "I constantly struggle with it" and "there are times when I mess up". Then, he goes on to say, "I don’t do it in front of the kids." I wonder if there is a smoking room in the White House, or does he just step outside?

I’m thinking that a really smart person like Obama, if he really wanted to quit smoking, he could do it. Seriously, lots of people have done it, either by using sheer willpower, a medical intervention such as the patch, or through hypnosis.

I think that President Obama should see a good hypnotist. What do you think?

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