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This Domain Name Is For Sale

This domain name, Hypnosis.ORG has been a great domain name for us. It is the perfect domain name for any hypnosis organization or serious hypnosis professional.

It is a perfect fit for any hypnosis business because:

  1. Hypnosis.ORG is short and very easy to remember.

  2. It does not seem too commercial because of the “.ORG”.

  3. There are ten times more searches on Google for the term “hypnosis” than for “hypnotherapy”.

  4. There is no better domain in the profession of hypnosis than Hypnosis.ORG for search engine optimization (SEO).

  5. Hypnosis.ORG is a very strong domain name that instantly validates your business.

  6. This is a domain name that is timeless and will always grow in value.

Obviously, this is not a domain name for the hobbyist. But, will be of great value to a business person, or hypnosis professional who has services, training materials and classes to promote and sell.

Price: $79,000.00

Serious offers only, please.

Transfer will be done through a domain name escrow company.

Phone: 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390


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