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5th Annual World Hypnotism Day a Global Success


January 4, 2009 marked the 5th annual World Hypnotism Day. As WHD continues to gain momentum, more people around the world learn the truth and benefits of hypnotism while professional hypnotists help dispel the myths and misconceptions that have clouded our timeless and honorable profession. Hypnotism professionals participating in WHD, along with the supporting organizations involved with WHD, help the profession of hypnotism to become accepted as a viable approach for self improvement and all areas in which a person can benefit with the use of hypnosis.

Clearly as more hypnotists join WHD supporting the profession of hypnotism, the sooner hypnosis will be better received by mainstream society. The added benefit for all participating hypnotists is in the exposure received via publicity and promotion of WHD events which increases awareness of hypnotist's services locally and increases business. Here are some of the results the WHD Committee received from participating hypnotists as not all results have been submitted before the writing of this article. If your results were submitted and not included we apologize for the oversight.

WHD Event Locations


Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Dubai, Germany, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa


Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec


Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington


Last year, WHD 2008, 29 proclamations were received for WHD by US & Canadian mayors and 1 US state Governor. More proclamations were received for WHD in 2009. Mark Briggs, Syracuse, NY, Mayor Driscoll - Steve Roh, Philadelphia, PA, Mayor Nutter - Celeste Hackett , Plano, Texas - John Tomlinson, Flint, Michigan, Mayor Don Williamson - Rosemary Conte, Matawan, NJ - Wendy Packer, New Rochelle, NY – John Weir, Harrisburg & Pittsburgh, PA - Roger Willard, Lancaster, PA - Wally Muller, Calgary, Alberta, CA – Tommy Vee and Jerry Valley, Methuen, MA – Bob Brienza, Union Township, NJ, Mayor Brenda Restivo.

Media Coverage

Wendy Merron, Chapter President, Ilona Lind, and Greg Knight held a Free Hypnosis event. Article and photo appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on the Philadelphia daily news website the next day. Georgina Cannon of Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto received Front Page of the Living Section in the Toronto Star (Canada's largest circulation newspaper), Metro newspapers., listings in all newspapers in Toronto and online 'whattodo'in Toronto" websites. There were also 4 Radio interviews the previous week promoting WHD and a Global Television news 3 minute interview and demo. Beth Stewart of Collingwood, Ontario, received coverage in the local paper, the Collilngwood Life and Pictoral. Deborah Ferris of Tillsonburg, CA received increased exposure through the local newspaper, the Tillsonburg News, which ran an article on the business page not only covering the event but also including facts about hypnosis and World Hypnotism Day. Jerome Masek was interviewed about hypnosis on WAKR radio, Akron, OH. Kathryn McGlynn received newspaper coverage in The Worcester Telegram & Gazette on her presentations held in Sturbridge, MA. Mary Ellen Ott received television coverage on WKYC News Ohio. Debbie Lane got two articles in the St Petersburg Times (Florida), mention in many local publications and an on air television interview with the local morning show. The reception of a mayoral proclamation by Roger Willard was reported by the Lancaster, PA newspaper which included a WHD cartoon by the paper, and was picked up by the AP wires. Tommy Vee and Jerry Valley of Methuen, MA were mentioned in the Eagle Tribune for their event held at the Nevins Memorial Library.


In St. Louis, MO Dawn Ferguson, Drew Ferguson, Kelly Locker, Bob Nestle, Pat Nestle, Bobby Adams, Tammy Ellisor, Rachel Zirlin and Dave Haupt worked together as a team explaining what Hypnosis is and isn't and then taking groups of 2-4 people into the session rooms for a group Hypnosis session on self confidence and self esteem. They received coverage in the newspaper Suburban Journal. Don Rice and Sandi Graves hosted an event at a local health food supermarket in Phoenix Arizona where hundreds of shoppers were able to ask questions as well as receive a free 15 minute stress reduction session. Melissa Herron-Goldman, Sue Sawyer, Dr. Kathy Doner, and Penny Hanson, joined to present on different topics in Melbourne, FL. In Gujarat, India Umesh Sharma hosted Conference on Hypnosis as well as workshops on hypnotherapy. Kathy Lindert of New Jersey hosted a free presentation to the Montville Women's club as well as to the public. Silvana Kocovski had an informal gathering at the Ancient Mystic, in Markham, Ontario, CA shared history, dispelled myths and shared some ways hypnosis is used, mostly from a clinical perspective. Floridian Debbie Lane held a World Hypnotism Day event at Oak Trail Books, sent out 1 press release, twice brining her new clients after her event. Robert Saviola was on the ABC affiliate in Buffalo NY on a TV show called AM Buffalo for around 7 to 10 minutes. Robert wrote, "I received about a dozen calls from the appearance." Joe Nunan of Westchester, PA had over 100 new users register for his MP3 hypnosis downloads site and they averaged over 4 free downloads per user. Cindy Brooks in Sullivan, NH presented a talk about hypnosis, and facilitated a group hypnotic relaxation and visualization to a peaceful and safe place. Discussion of the experience followed. Pearlan Feeney-Grater, Beth Campbell, Lucinda Flint, CH and Mona Santl presented Four-Tuned at the Self Center in Winchester, MA to a full house. Debi Livingston-Bushey held her event at the ISHI School of hypnosis in California which brought them new clients and hypnosis students. Georgina Cannon of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto, had over 130 people attend Learn Self Hypnosis – a Gift for the Rest of Your Life and raised $300 for Second Harvest.. Deborah Ferris, Tillsonburg Canada, Lynda Herity Young, Woodstock, Ontario, CA, offered discounted rates for clients who booked in January, 2009, to raise awareness for World Hypnotism Day.

Jerome Masek spoke about stress management and hypnosis to the West Park Kiwanis and to a Toastmaster Club in Cleveland, OH. In Western Australia, Susy Hall, David Whyte and other chapter members set up three information booths, one in the Murray St Mall, one in Kings Square Fremantle and one at Hillarys Marina, spreading the word, doing suggestibility tests, handing out printed balloons and information leaflets and issuing some 60 odd free certificates for introductory consultations. David wrote, "This is the first time the Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia Inc. (PHWA) has participated and we were amazed at the response both from the general public and local media, with three radio stations carrying interviews and pre-publicity with stories in four local community newspapers. Media interest is continuing with a photo and story in the West Australian newspaper (Circ. of around 250,000) and a follow-up radio interview still to come. Next year we will do it better and start planning more than three weeks in advance." We agree David. Prepare early for best results for WHD or any event.

WHD Committee Support

All committee members and committee leads help make WHD what it is. There cannot be enough thanks given to the efforts and contributions of all active committee members. This year Craig Eubanks accepted the offer to lead the Marketing Committee and posted valuable marketing information daily on his blog to help all participants succeed in their efforts. The WHD Audio/Visual Committee lead and WHD lead for Ireland, Martin Kiely, posted numerous videos on the internet getting a lot of exposure promoting WHD. As the Government Relations Advisor, Ralph Benko's contribution made it possible for everyone to obtain their mayoral proclamations. And big thanks go out to Keith Jennison of Jenntech, Inc. for his endless hours of work on the updated WHD website. Through the charitable and selfless contributions from everyone, WHD is possible.

New Website Award

Many hypnotists have a new display for their website and it's a way to support WHD. You can now proudly display the Hypnosis Authority Website Award from World Hypnotism Day on your website. To be considered, simply send an email to TomNicoli@WHDCommittee.com with your website address (URL)

Be sure to tell everyone and go to www.worldhypnotismday.com and get your free hypnosis downloads, ebooks and more.

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