Free to Sleep - Hypnosis Session on CD

product image: Free to Sleep - Hypnosis Session on CD

Go to sleep easily and develop the habit of going to sleep fast with this "Free to Sleep" hypnosis CD.


Go to sleep easily and develop the habit of going to sleep fast!

Fast - Most sleep in 30 min, or less on first use.

Easy - Go to bed & listen to the cd.

Safe - Guides you into natural sleep without drugs.

Reliable - Works better each time you use it.

Universal - Doesn't even require hypnosis to work.

Natural - Soon you can go to sleep without the cd.

Sleep Better - Deep relaxation induces deeper sleep.

Guaranteed - Unconditionally for 60 days.

The progressive relaxation method used on this CD works so well at inducing sleep that we had to stop using it to hypnotize our clients in the afternoons and evenings, because they kept falling asleep on us!

If you have trouble sleeping at night, this is the hypnosis session on CD for you. This cd contains a hypnotic progressive relaxation that is designed to take you deeply relaxed mentally and physically. And then peacefully guide you into a natural sleep.

Note that the Hypnosis Sessions on CD qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. This program is guaranteed to work against defect. If a CD does not work because it is defective it will immediately be replaced. Of if you find that this product was not right for you return it and we will refund the purchase price.

By Calvin D. Banyan
1 CD - Approx. 53 minutes

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