Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Children

product image: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Children

Kathleen Skott-Myhre, MA, CH, is an expert at working with children using hypnosis. She shares her knowledge in this video set.


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Mrs. Skott-Myhre has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is a National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified Hypnotist.

She will teach you:

  • When to Get a Doctor's Referral to Work with Children

  • How to Prepare Children for Hypnosis

  • How to Induce Hypnosis in Children

  • How to Give Children Hypnotic Suggestions

  • How to Use 5-PATH® with Children

  • What Parents Need to Know to Make Hypnosis Work

  • What Scripts to Use for Specific Issues for Children

  • Using Post-Hypnotic Suggestions for Children

  • Letting Children Communicate through Pictures

  • Number of Session and How Long they Should Be

Course Contains:

  • Over Two Hours of Instruction.

  • Two Videos

  • Scripts

  • Recommended Reading

  • Information about 5-PATH®

On this two video set Kathleen Skott-Myhre touches upon all of the following topics and go into more depth on the essential points of working with children.

  • The Developmental Phases that Children Go Through

  • Age Appropriate Language for the Different Stages

  • Using Stories and Fantasy to Give Children Suggestions

  • Using Stories to Induce Trance and Make Suggestions

  • Using Rehearsal Fantasy for Change

  • Teaching Parents to Use Suggestion

  • How to Prepare Children for Hypnosis

  • How to Conduct the Pre-Hypnosis Interview

  • Doing Ego Enhancing Hypnosis

  • Doing Symptom Oriented Hypnosis

  • Doing Dynamic Insight Oriented Hypnosis

  • When to Use 5-PATH® with Children

  • Hypnotic Inductions for Children

  • When to Get a Doctors' Referral to Work with Children

  • Teaching Kids about Hypnosis and Relaxation

  • Recommended Books and Videos about Working with Children

  • Using Hypnosis with Children Diagnosed with ADD and ADHD

  • How to Interact and Communicate with Children (the Words and Tone)

  • Yes You Can Work with Some Autistic Children (Verbal)

  • Helping Children Focus, Concentrate and Relax

  • Helping Children to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

  • Patter Scripts for Hypnotizing Children

  • Use of Praise with Kids

  • Teaching Children to Relax Themselves Using Self-Hypnosis

  • Showing Children that they Can Succeed with Hypnosis

  • Using a Transitional Object So Success Can Go Home with Them

  • Using Repetition to Strengthen Hypnotic Suggestion with Children

  • Using Post-Hypnotic Suggestion with Children

  • Scripts for Concentration (ADD/ADHD), Bed Wetting, and More

  • Using Drawing Pictures in the Pre-Hypnosis Interview

  • How Many Session and How Long the Sessions Should Be

  • Hypnotic Age Regression with Children (Fears, Phobias and More)

  • Using Hypnotic Age Progression (Rehearsing for Success)

  • Working with Anger and Behavioral Issues

  • When Should the Parent Go through Hypnosis Also

  • Helping Children to have Insight

  • Better Defend Themselves Emotionally

  • Explaining Anger to Children

  • Working with Children who have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • How to Create and Tell Hypnotic Stories to Children

  • How Much Time to Spend Telling the Stories

  • The Best Hypnotic Story Voice

  • Example of a Hypnotic Story, The Frog Story for Persistence