BOLSM Volume 21: Phase V: Parts Mediation Work™

product image: BOLSM Volume 21: Phase V: Parts Mediation Work

Succeed where other hypnotists fail. When dealing with the cause of the problem doesn't work, the culprit is secondary gain. Cal Banyan shows you how to overcome secondary gain.


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For most hypnotists, the first four phases is all that you will regularly do with your clients. Parts Medation Work™ (PMW) is used only in cases where there are significant levels of internal conflict regarding making the change that brought your client in to see you. This conflict is usually caused by what psychologists call Secondary Gain.

  • Why PMT is Phase V.
  • Why we don't do PMT very often.
  • Completed mediation outline!
  • How to determine the necessity of PMT.
  • Much more!

Hosted by Calvin Banyan
Approx. 86 minutes - Audio Sample