Hypnosis Glossary A to Z

Hypnosis Glossary A to Z

Welcome to our Hypnosis Glossary!

This is an ongoing project that will grow as we add new terms and definitions pertaining to the field of hypnosis, NLP, and related endeavors.

What makes this different from any other hypnosis resource is that sometimes our writers may differ on the meaning of a term, or the definition of what a technique is. When this occurs we will list both definitions in a bulleted list. Watch this to happen more and more in the future.

Take a look at the list below and you will see that at the end of each definition there is the writer's name. It is a link to all of his or her other contributions to the site such as free articles, seminars, and scripts, or products such as books, CDs, DVDs and courses.

Here we go!

Hypnosis Glossary: # - H

5-PATH® System of doing hypnosis consisting of five different phases: (1) Phase I, Preparation, Testing and Convincing Techniques, (2) Phase II, Age...

Hypnosis Glossary: I - P

ideomotor responding Having client answer questions via finger movement. Definition by C. Roy Hunter (date added: 03/09/06) imagery Using the...

Hypnosis Glossary: Q - Z

rapport A comfortable feeling between client and hypnotist resulting in a level of trust, resulting in greater ability to respond to suggestion...