Turn Your Hypnosis Practice Into a Gold Mine Download

product image: Turn Your Hypnosis Practice Into a Gold Mine Download

Turn Your Hypnosis Practice Into a Gold Mine Download


Cal Banyan’s - More Clients & More Income Hypnosis Practice Building Package

How to Get More Clients

How to Earn a Higher & More Consistent Income (Even When You Are NOT Seeing Clients)

How to Make Money from Your Practice Even When You Are NOT There

Much, Much, MORE!

This package contains a two hour recording (on 2 CDs) of a presentation given to a group of hypnosis professionals who invited Cal Banyan to teach them how to build their hypnosis practices.

There is another CD with all of the handouts from the course so you get it all.

SPECIAL BONUS CDs - After the talk, Cal Banyan went back into his office, sat down and then piled on a whole bunch of great ways to promote your practice, make more money. This package is worth more than its weight in gold. Using just one of these techniques can earn you thousands, and he piles on over 60 practice promoting, money making techniques!

If You Are Only Starting Out, or Already Have A Thriving Hypnosis Practice... This Is A “Gold Mine”!
4 Hours of Information That Will Transform Your Hypnosis Practice

This professional training program covers how to:

  • Attract More Clients & Referrals

  • Make More Money in Your Practice

  • Create a More Consistent Income

  • Tweak Your Website for Better Results

  • Book Appointments on the Phone

  • How to Make the Internet Work for You!

This professional training program includes all the handouts provided during the presentation.

This set contains two CDs with presentations by Cal & Maureen Banyan, and a CD/Data disk with the handouts from the presentation. Listeners are also referred to up-to-date resources on the Web.

CD 1: First Half of the “Build Your Hypnosis Practice Program”

  • Learn about the link of hypnosis training needed to build your hypnosis practice more quickly.

  • Introduction to the Banyan Star Business Model.

  • Why you need excellent confidence building, generalized training.

  • Banyan Certification Courses, 5-PATH® & 7th Path™ Introduced.

  • Understanding the important difference between marketing & sales.

  • Hypnosis resource links for hypnosis marketing & site examples.

  • How to get a free listing in an online hypnosis directory.

  • Find out what the main purposes of your website & ads.

  • How & why you should use third party endorsements & testimonials.

  • How to get a third party endorsement for your site right away.

  • How to get an unending flow of testimonials for your site & office.

  • How to get your site listed at or near the top of Google.

  • How to get your site to motivate people to call you now.

  • Find out how “hypnosis is a dance.”

  • Find out why you need to know that “hypnosis is a confidence game.”

  • A “Techie” list you must give to your Web Designer to get the most out of your site.

CD 2: Second Half of the “Build Your Hypnosis Practice Program”

  • Answering some questions during the break (excuse the little background noise).

  • Importance of having advanced training including insight work.

  • Importance of having a system for eliminating Secondary Gain.

  • Brief discussion of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.

  • How to answer the telephone and make callers want to book with you.

  • What questions you should not answer right away.

  • How to answer the telephone and get things started right from the start.

  • How to get callers to call back later if they are not ready now.

  • Learn who you should not book an appointment with.

  • How to ensure that your clients will show up for their appointments (or get paid if they don’t).

  • Completion of the Banyan Star Business Model™; how to create consistent income.

  • How to establish how much you should pay hypnotists who work for you.

  • How mentoring others can increase your income.

  • How products can add consistency to your income, and raise it as well.

  • How teaching classes can get you more clients and help you to sell to more clients.

  • How to make huge profits from other people’s products and classes.

CD 3: Data Disk with Handouts and Resource Materials Mentioned in the Talks

CD s 4 5: Bonus Program - 66 Ways to Promote & Build Your Hypnosis Practice

  • Learn free and low cost ways to promote your hypnosis services.

  • Learn how to motivate yourself to build your practice.

  • Learn how to get word-of-mouth buzz going about your practice.

  • Learn ethical ways to “suggest” that your clients tell others about you.

  • Learn how to work with other businesses and organizations to promote you.

  • Learn what works, and what no longer works, so you don’t waste your money.

  • How to get doctors to refer their patients to you.

  • Learn about free ways to promote yourself on the Internet.

Learn how to take your hypnosis practice to the next level, and then the next and then even farther. You can now have a thriving hypnosis practice. This is a “Gold Mine” filled with great tips, tricks, techniques & proven methods to make your hypnosis practice more profitable, and more secure in any kind of economic environment.