Selecting a Hypnosis Training School - Is There Time for Supervised Practice Sessions During the Hypnosis Training Course?

  • Look at me right here"Look at me right here."
  • Press on my hand. Close your eyes"Press on my hand. Close your eyes."
  • Sleep!"Sleep!"

When you are studying how to hypnotize someone for the first time, it is important to know how much time is allotted to practice the hypnosis techniques you learned in the classroom. Why? When you are first entering the profession, you are bound to make mistakes, because you haven't developed the confidence in performing inductions or formulating suggestions. Whatever the reason may be, supervised practice sessions can help you iron out those mistakes while providing you with the hands-on training you need.

Supervised practice sessions not only allow you to practice what you've learned in class but also provide you with the opportunity to receive guidance and feedback from your hypnosis trainer. You will not only quickly correct your mistakes, but, you will also gain confidence when your instructor lets you know when you are doing techniques correctly. Spending ample time doing both and experiencing hypnosis will help you become more confident in learning how to do hypnosis and ultimately make you a more successful hypnosis professional when you complete the course.

How much time is sufficient? At the Banyan Hypnosis Center, it is our experience that students become more confident in their hypnosis techniques when they have 18 to 20 hours of supervised practice sessions over the 10-day course. We schedule supervised practice sessions an hour before class and an hour after class 9 out of the 10 days, which helps students retain what they just learned in class.