7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Learn Self Hypnosis The 7th Path

The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System of Self-Hypnosis

Combining the transformational power of hypnosis, meditation and your spiritual system moves you more quickly toward being your true self, reaching a much higher level of consciousness, releasing your latent talents, and helping you to realize your calling.

Yes, this hypnosis empowered meditation will work when other kinds of meditation were to difficult. It is so simple when you use a system that works with how your mind was designed to work. Take back control of your life and live the life you were meant to live.

Change your mind and you change your life! Here a just a few things that 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® can help you with:

  • Overcome bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, excessive snacking, procrastinating, and over sleeping.

  • Create new habits such as exercising regularly, self-motivation, being more patient with others and more.

  • Self-improvement such as improving self-confidence, reducing stress, public speaking, overcome fears, and more.

The 7th Path™ is a new approach to self-hypnosis. It was developed at Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. and only hypnotists trained at our Center are able to provide you with this exceptional approach to human self-improvement through the use of self-hypnosis.

What is so special about 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®?

  • It is the first self-hypnosis program that we know of that allows you to first remove the old programming that blocks success.

  • It is especially designed to work well with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach, often not included in so many other self improvement or self-hypnosis programs.

  • It is especially easy to do, and most practitioners will be successful at achieving self-hypnosis from the very first session. Why? Because you learn 7th Path self-hypnosis while in a state of hypnosis!

"A beautiful, intriguing experience of the brain and mind." Michael Vandall, M.D.

"This course brought emotions out of me I didn't think possible (7th Path)." Frank Pruden, C.H.

"Also, despite the fact that I had no interest in learning 7th Path initially, I have been profoundly effected afterward, changed by its practice, and believe that it will be a major tool, too [In addition to 5-PATH], in helping many people learn how to free themselves from the ravages of physical diseases by cleaning up unconscious conflicts, negative emotions and limiting beliefs." Eric Robins, M.D.

Incredible, I'm at a loss for words. I'm still feeling released! Kim Hoverman, Future Hypnotist

Get On The Path - The 7th Path

What a novel idea, first remove the old programming before attempting to make changes through suggestion. There is an old saying that goes something like this, "you must first empty the cup before you can put anything new in it." One of the problems with other forms of self hypnosis is that the hypnotic suggestions that you give yourself must go up against years of old programming. The old programming does not want to go, and the new suggestions are rejected time and time again before, through many repetitions, the new suggestions are finally accepted (or maybe not even then).

Removing the old programming first helps to avoid this and tends to make the new suggestions more powerful. In addition, sometimes, when you remove the old programming you just start to feel better and even without additional hypnotic suggestions. Many practitioners will begin to achieve their goals, especially if they have to do with health, automatically. It seems that once the old programming that got in your way of being successful is gone, your own natural programs for health just seem to start working better than they ever did before. As a result, you just tend to start taking better care of yourself, and old patterns such as addiction begin to fade away (i.e., smoking, overeating, alcohol abuse, etc.).

Cal is superb in his presentation and effectiveness. Maureen is a great team member. This course was very powerful all round! Would highly recommend it! Sooki Jalali, P.D.H