Calvin Banyan

Stop Smoking Patter Script


Note to hypnotist - This script was designed to be used when you have first discussed the idea of distractors (alternative behaviors). Your client should have come up with a list of distractors to use. Also the idea that nicotine is not addicting should have been covered in the pre-hypnosis interview.

(Script begins here.)

Congratulations, you have made a very important decision. You have decided to become a non-smoker. There is part of you that has always wanted to do this. That is what makes today (insert date), very special.

You have decided to listen to your body, and your body wants you to quit smoking. Your body has always hated it. Smoking has hurt you, because it has been hurting your body. You are now doing something very good for yourself.

Nicotine is not addicting, if it were the masses would become addicted to the nicotine patch or the nicotine gum. If nicotine was addicting, someone would have come to me and want hypnosis to quit the gum or the patch. This has never happened and it probably never will.

So, why do people keep smoking. It's a habit. But what is a habit. A habit is when you automatically think about doing something. A habit is just simply responding to a thought. Well you don't have to do that any more. You are free from smoking. You now know that the smoking habit is just a thought. Your thoughts have no power over you. You have thought about doing thousands of things and then simply decided not to them.. You might have thought about buying something and then decided that the money would be better spent on something else. This is also true of cigarettes. Your money is always better spent on something else. In fact there is always something better to do than smoke.

The nicotine in cigarettes is not addicting but it is a poison. Even a thimble full would be enough to kill a horse. Fortunately, there is only a small amount of poison in each cigarette. But it is there and it tends to build up until your body becomes affected by it and you become sick. Sometimes it is a major illness like cancer, heart disease or emphysema. You have decided to not let this happen to you. Other times it is something like a cough or bronchitis. You have decided to not let that happen to you any more either. You have decided to become a non-smoker, to let go of all the worries and sickness associated with cigarettes. You are becoming free, so all of the urges are just fading away to nothing. You are now in control. You are not going to allow yourself to be made sick or inconvenienced by a habit. A mere though.

But how did that thought get there? You weren't just walking around some day and the idea popped into your head from nowhere? You got the idea from somewhere. You probably saw someone else smoking, and because they did it, somehow you thought it might be a good idea to do it. But where did they get the idea?

Everyone smokes for one reason. It was sold to them! You smoke because of one of the most successful marketing plans in the history of the world! It all started a long time ago. By the time that America entered WWII, everyone was so sold on the idea that even the government was buying them to give to our brave men and women who were fighting a war. Most of those people came back with the smoking habit. These people became our parents and people that we looked up to. They were role models, and because they smoked, you smoked. It just got handed down. Now more people die of smoking than did in the great wars.

Well, that is all over for you. You are on to them. Their advertising campaign no longer affects you. As a matter of fact you resent it. You resent being sold that pack of likes. In fact, each pack of cigarettes is a pack of lies. Smoking is now simply something that you used to do. You are free from a uniformed decision that you made so long ago. It feels so good to be free. Free from the pain. Free from the worry.

You will remember that there is always something better to do than to take a poisonous cigarette. That is obvious. Now that you are through with smoking for good, you can fill the time that you used to spend poisoning yourself with cigarettes any way that you want to. Fill up that time with any fun, interesting or growth experience.

This information is now stored in the conscious and subconscious mind. So you no longer can accept poisoning yourself for any reason. You turn away from tobacco in any form. You are free. The urge is gone. You are free. You are free to drive home or to work free from cigarettes.

Today is your special day. It could be as important as any birthday or anniversary. This is the day you finally took back control permanently. Now you are in control. That is what you really wanted. You are in control and resent the fact that cigarettes ever controlled you. You feel great knowing that no matter what happens you are in control because there is always something better to do than poison yourself with cigarettes.

Smoking is no longer connected to anything in your life. All of those old self-defeating connections are broken up completely. All of those things you used to do while you were smoking now goes better with health! Without the embarrassment, worry and frustration of cigarettes. Now if you are watching TV or visiting with friends, or simply on the telephone, you enjoy not having to worry about cigarettes. They were dirty, filthy and they made you sick. Now everything goes better with health and confidence that you find as a nonsmoker. Free from the worry and frustration. Smoking is simply something that you used to do. You are now free because there is always something better to do than smoke.

Somehow you knew that one day you would quit. Congratulation! You did it. Today and for all the rest of your days you are free. You decided to quit for all of your own reasons. You have made a great deal! You have made a great trade! You have traded something that you don't want for something that is priceless. There is no amount of money that could add one more day, hour or minute to your life. How many people wish they could trade something for more time, a longer life. Not only have you traded smoking for something precious, more time, a longer life, but it is going to be a higher quality life. Your new life is filled with more time, more money, more self-respect. Your new life is filled with more confidence and energy. If you don't have your health you really don't have anything. You have traded something you don't want for something you do want, more time to fill up with anything you want! And you have better health to enjoy every minute of it with. Smoking is simply something that you used to do. Now there is always, always, always, something better to do than smoke.

There is no way that you would ever go back to the old way. Smoking means pain so you simply traded it away. No matter what happens in your life, you handle it without cigarettes. You simply stubbornly refuse to smoke! No matter what happens. There is always something better to do than smoke. You will always remember that. There is always something better to do than smoke. This makes you free and keeps you free forever! Having a drink of water is better. Having a piece of gum is better. Doing anything as long as it is not illegal, immoral or fattening is better than smoking. Because you are in control!

You handle the situations in your life effectively. You are now in control of your body and no longer will you put poison in it. You simply turn your back on all of that poison. You body will reward you with health. You mind will reward you by thinking more clearly, the smoke has cleared. Emotionally you will feel better because you are free from all the worry and stress of smoking. Smoking is simply something that you used to do. You traded it away for something priceless, life, health, self-confidence and peace of mind.

Congratulations, you are now a non-smoker and you are going to be a non-smoker for the rest of your life and when you are around other that smoke, it will only make you feel proud to know that you are now in control, even though you might feel a little sorry for them. When you are around others that smoke, the fire and smoke will not effect you in any way because you are able to enjoy the company of others that smoke, and it will always make you feel wonderful on the inside and out knowing that you are back in control. You are free from being kicked around by any cigarette company that doesn't care about you. You are proud to be a non-smoker and you are going to be a non-smoker for the rest of your long healthy life.

Repeat this silently to yourself as I say it out loud, "I am now a non-smoker and I'm going to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life." (Compound that 15 times.)

From this moment on you are a non-smoker. You have never felt better and you are going to feel better yet, as you lungs continue to become healthier and healthier, because you have gotten rid of all the tobacco poison.

You are through with the poison and the smell. There is a part of you that has always wanted to be free and in control. You have really always hated it because it stinks and it makes you sick. You have made up your mind. You refuse to smoke any time or any place or under any circumstance. When you think about cigarettes you know that you will never again, make that mistake, never again. Never again.

Now if for any reason at all in your life you think that you might want a cigarette, all you have to do is take a nice deep breath and as you let it out just say to yourself, "There is always something better to do than smoke" and let yourself have that feeling of being in control. Lets do that right now. Take a nice deep breath, and as you let it out, say to yourself, "There is always something better to do than smoke" and notice how good it feels to be free from that old useless habit.

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