Calvin Banyan

Eliminating Stuttering


You are now letting go of any need to hold back words or feelings. By coming here and honestly putting forth the effort that you have, you have opened yourself to change. Now the subconscious mind begins to work with us, to set you free. Free from the feelings thoughts and habit that have caused you so much difficulty in the past.

Now is the time, and this is the place to allow yourself to change. You are going to find yourself becoming calmer and your words will just begin to fall out of your mouth, streaming out, in perfect time with your thoughts. The barriers have been removed.

You are going to be amazed, that with every single day that passes, you are going to be speaking more and more distinctly. And, with every day that passes, you are going to be speaking more and more confidently, building your self-esteem, building your self-acceptance.

Now, you no longer have a need to hold back what you want to say. You do not have to hold back anything at all. As a matter of fact, you are even through holding back words. You are ready to let those words be formed in you voice box easily and completely. You won't even have to think about it. Your mind knows how to make words, and sentences! Some of the time (and perhaps, most of the time) it manages perfectly. It is when YOU interfere by trying to hold back that you have trouble.

Now your mind will be where it should be, on what you are thinking. The mind will just automatically take care of forming the words. Let the automatic part of your mind do what it does best. You don't have to think about breathing. In fact if you do, even your breathing won't come out right.

From now on, it makes no difference what the occasion is. It won't make any difference whether you are alone, or with one other person, nor will it make any difference whether you are talking to a group. It you will now begin to speak more spontaneously, be it to friends or strangers. You are just going to let the words come right on out whenever you want to tell someone what is on your mind. You mind will focus on your thoughts and the automatic part of the mind will turn your thoughts into speech any time you wish to express yourself. They will come out easily, like they are just falling right out of your mouth.

From now on, your mind will be on what others are trying to say to you. In the past you have been much to focused on yourself. Focusing on yourself doesn't work. Focusing on what and how you say each word doesn't work. You know that this is true, because you have tried it and it does not work.

This is a new fresh start. You are moving on from the past into the now. All that has ever happened can no longer effect you. It is only history. You never have to feel those old useless feelings again. You are forgiven. All others are forgiven. You don't have to be frightened any longer. You are not the child that was impressed with the sensation of holding back words. That child is now safe and secure. You are now safe and secure.

Your subconscious mind is now realizing that you are a grown person. You are able to do all of the things that any other adult is able to do. You have a right to express yourself clearly. You will do this bravely. Letting go of the past!

I've seen many other people who normally don't stutter at all, and then when they are near a person who does, they also begin to stutter. This is because, they become overly self-conscious of what they are saying. Then they have more difficulty listening to what the other person is saying. If they become nervous, they will even stutter more. I know this is true, because it happens to me, and I've seen it happen to others.

When in the future you find that you slip up on a word. I want you to know that it is only natural. All people from time to time will stutter. And if they start to feel nervous or upset, they will stutter even more, until they direct their attention away from the formulation of the words, and back to content of what they are saying and the effect that it is having on others. These other people, are able to stop stuttering, because they do not focus on the words, but rather on what they are saying.

From this point on, your words will just fall out of your mouth. If you stutter, it means nothing. All people do that. Let the automatic part of your mind go back to work. It will do what it does best. Turn your attention back to what you are thinking or who you are speaking to, and you will be able to express yourself much more successfully.

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