Self-Hypnosis - Safe, Simple, Superb - E-book

product image: Self-Hypnosis - Safe, Simple, Superb - E-book

Imagine that you can overcome exam anxiety, stop smoking or even amplify your own creativity by focusing the power of your imagination. This book covers everything you need to hypnotize yourself and give yourself suggestions for important changes...


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Want to know the truth about Self-Hypnosis?

How you can easily learn to hypnotize yourself?

SELF-HYPNOSIS: Safe, Simple, Superb

Here are just some of the things you can do with self-hypnosis:

  • Change a habit

  • Overcome a phobia

  • Win a marathon

  • Pass an exam

  • Control pain

  • Calm pain

  • Improve concentration

  • Enhance your sex life

  • End writer's block

  • Give a speech in public

  • Prepare for a job interview

Here's the list of Contents:

  • What you can do with Self-Hypnosis

  • Discover and Improve Your Hypnosis Talent

  • What exactly is Hypnosis?

  • Positive and Negative Self-Hypnosis

  • Change Your Self-Image with PSH

  • How Do You Use Self-Hypnosis?

  • Pre-Hypnotic Suggestions

  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

  • Inductions

  • Here's How To Create Your Suggestions

  • Self-Hypnosis Power Instantly

  • For Even More Effective Positive Self-Hypnosis