Mind-To-Mind Healing

Hypnotist James Ramey

by James Ramey

This is a technique that Walter A. Sichort discovered while searching for various applications of his newly developed and profound hypnotic state that we now call the “Sichort State.” This technique is a method in which someone may receive assistance with self-healing through the help of another. I have experienced this state myself and have found it to work exceptionally well.

I was having a problem with my eye sight and didn’t know what was happening. I was experiencing flashes of light around the edges of my vision. Finally, after several weeks, I began to develop a dark gray curtain in my upper vision. This curtain grew so dark in both my eyes that I expected to go totally blind within a short time. I finally sought diagnosis from an optical physician who told me I was experiencing the detachment of my vitreous sacks, that the connective tissue had broken down and surgery would be my solution. Of course, I chose to decline the surgery.

As I left the doctor’s office, I remembered Mr. Sichort’s technique he used to help so many people. I recalled how he had described the procedure, how it should be conducted, so I decided that I had everything that was needed to accomplish it. The main ingredient was an individual who could reach each level of depth all the way down to the Sichort State. That individual was my colleague, Christina. I had conditioned her to reach each depth and she would respond just as Mr. Sichort’s colleague, Sara Zane responded in each level of depth. So, I believed that I had everything necessary for a successful, Mind-To-Mind Healing.

After arriving home I immediately telephoned my assistant, Christina, and told her my dilemma. I asked her if she was willing to help assist and she said that she was. I told her we needed to do the “Mind-To-Mind technique.” She asked me what that was. I had thought that I had explained this technique to her but she said that I had not. I told her briefly about the procedure. I also explained that we would need another person to engage the process. We elected to use Diane, a nurse whom I had trained and trusted. Christina trusted Diane as well and felt she would be the most likely candidate. I telephoned Diane, explained my situation briefly, and asked for her assistance. She agreed to participate so we set a time to meet at my office.

When they arrived, we went through the process of setting up Christina to respond to Diane using the same signal words I used for Christina. These words would signal Christina to enter Somnambulism, Esdaile and then finally the Sichort State. Christiana had often assisted me in demonstrating the depths in the presence of practitioners of the healing arts, with public demonstrations for educational purposes and in training classes. I gave Diane instructions and told her that she did not need to guide me to state, that Christina would do that once she was in the Sichort State. I explained that Christina’s Subconscious would take over at that point and assist my Subconscious with the healing process.

My office was large enough for Christina and I to lay down side-by-side while holding one another’s hand. Diane began giving Christina her signal words that led her through the stages depth and into the Sichort State. When I heard Diana say Christina’s signal word for her to enter the Sichort State, I began to feel as if I were being pulled down into a deep, dark tunnel. I really didn’t know what to anticipate so I had no preconceived expectations. Within a few moments I lost track of what was taking place. It seemed as if just a few seconds had passed and I was coming up to full alertness. I thought that we were not successful and turned my head to my left and noticed Christina staring at me.

I said to her, “I guess it did not work, huh.” Christina did not say a word, she just smiled at me and immediately Diane said, “What do you mean, it didn’t work?” I said, “Well it wasn’t long enough, it was only a few minutes.” Diane immediately exclaimed, “A few minutes hell, it was over an hour.” I did not believe her so she showed me the clock in my office and I saw that she was correct. Over an hour had passed from the time that we began the process. I was shocked at the incredible amount of time distortion that I had experienced. As I turned to face Christina once again, she said that she felt it was okay to let go of each other’s hands.

This was even a greater shock to me, for I could not even feel Christina’s had in mine or even my entire left arm. It was as if I had no left arm at all. As I looked down at our hands and noticed that our fingers were still interlocked. It took great effort for me to begin to move my fingers slightly. As I moved my fingers, I could feel a strong tingling sensation moving from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers. I also noticed a sensation that seemed to be a wave of magnetic pulsing through my entire arm. As we slowly separated our hands, the sensations became stronger until it began to ache uncomfortably.

When our hands were about one inch apart, I noticed that the sensations reached the point of pain and then dissipated away into a mild pulsing feeling. I told Christina what I was experiencing and she said that she always experienced the same sensations when ever I would hold her hand during private session. Then within a few more moments my normal feelings in my arm and hand returned. I asked Christina if she had got anything from within about how it went or if anything could be accomplished to correct my vision. She replied, “All I get is thirty but I don’t know what that means.”

I thanked Christina for her assistance and Diane as well. I said that I guessed we will just have to wait and see what transpires over time. They both left and I continued doing business as normal. I had a road trip planed within a few weeks and was concerned about my ability to see the road properly, especially during the night. I decided to take my road trip any way and not to allow my impaired sight to hold me back. On the day of my departure, Christina came to see me off and said, “Stay positive as you have taught all of us and you will be rewarded. I know from deep within, this is true.”

My journey was to be up the eastern coast from Florida to New Jersey where I would stay with some friends. As I drove I held my head tilted back so I could see the road well. Once I had arrived in New Jersey at my friends, which took over a week on the road due to all of my scheduled stops, I would remain there for two weeks then travel on to Maine for a few days.

My vision had no changes what-so-ever throughout all of that time. The one morning as I awoke and opened my eyes, I was please that the dark curtain was not there in my vision. I thought that it was because I was lying on my back and that as soon as I sat up it would return. As I at up in bed, to my surprise, the dark curtain did not return. My vision was normal once again. I darted my eyes around and my vision remained clear and unobstructed. I immediately ran down stairs to my friends to share with them my good news.

After the excitement had passed, I decided to look in my personal calendar to see the date when Christina and I did the Mind-To-Mind Healing technique. Well you probably guessed it, it was exactly thirty days from the time that we did the Mind-To-Mind Healing technique. I was so grateful for Mr. Sichort for his amazing discovery and what it did for me that I decided to help as many individuals as I could with this technique.

Over the following years I have seen some amazing things occur with the Mind-To-Mind Healing technique. The condition called Lupus, cleared within an individual within a year. Movement in the hands and fingers restored, that was cut off due to a spinal injury, within twenty-four hours of applying the technique. I have discovered that the Mind-To-Mind Healing technique can be use for emotional as well as physical conditions that has run the gambit from improved over all energy and feelings of well being with both the practitioner and client, to reducing the healing time to 50% for a fractured leg. Fibromyalga in one session was reduced to a minimum, which finally disappeared completely over a short time. Severe heartbreak over a broken relationship brought back and only joyous feelings into the individuals life. Writers block was cleared in one session and PMS symptoms was reduced from three days to one.

The list goes on and on as we continue to find applications for this remarkable technique of two joining together to bring about a healing. The power that lies within can be tapped if the intentions are pure and a true concern for another is present. Then it is activated with the help of the Sichort State. A remarkable state of consciousness that we can all experience thank to the man called Walter A. Sichort, Sr. His discovery has led to the healing of so many and no drugs were ever used to accomplish the task.

As we continue to discover the many application of the Mind-To-Mind Healing technique, one can only wonder why more practitioners do not learn to utilize this technique to help their clients, family and friends. I challenge each reader to consider the possibilities of bringing this into their professional practice. The Mind-To-Mind Healing technique may bring about the healing that you need as it did for me.

James R. Ramey

Copyright©April 2006

All rights reserved worldwide


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