Cal Banyan Interviews Teresa Van-Zeller Professional Hypnotist

Hypnotist Teresa Van-Zeller

by Calvin D. Banyan and Teresa Van-Zeller

I am happy to have another opportunity to interview another very successful hypnotist! Her name is Teresa Van-Zeller. I did a little research before I actually wrote this interview out and found out that Teresa has been intrigued about the world of hypnosis since childhood, however, it wasn’t until she started her training to become a Hypnotist that she realized the incredible potentials of using hypnosis to effect change in people.

I learned that she discovered the value of using hypnosis from personal experience. It was during the first year that she practiced self hypnosis, she overcame several issues of her own, including chronic neck and back pain, fear of flying, and insomnia–all issues that at one time were suffered on a daily basis and are now only rarely experienced, so rarely that they can only be categorized as an occasional nuisance. What was most amazing to her was how easy it was to make changes in her life and how once those changes were made, all the other areas of her life improved as well. Using and teaching hypnosis to help others make changes in their lives has become her passion. Within one year after becoming a Certified Hypnotist, Teresa was asked to teach the National Guild of Hypnotist’s Hypnotist Certification course at the school she had attended. Soon after, she was asked to join the faculty and sit on the Board of Directors of the HypnoBirthing ® Institute. She has trained over one thousand parents and HypnoBirthing® Practitioners. In addition, she was asked to join the faculty of Roy Hunter’s Alliance Self-Empowerment, Inc. and Teresa now has her own school where she teaches Roy’s highly acclaimed Certified Hypnotist course which is accepted in many colleges across the nation.

I hope that everyone who reads this interview and the others that I have written will be just a bit more excited about hypnosis and the profession of hypnotism. If you are thinking of becoming a professional hypnotist, then as you read these interviews, you will see how exciting the profession is and how successful one can be in the profession. To learn more about basic and advanced hypnosis training, please visit or www.Hypnosis.ORG.

With that background, I believe we are ready to commence with the interview.

Cal Banyan: Let’s get started by saying that I’m very glad to hear that you are coming to the Banyan Hypnosis Center to conduct a HypnoBirthing® Practitioners Program. It is a very special program!

Before we get into all of that, let me ask you about of what kind of background you had before becoming a hypnotist. What can you tell us about that?

Teresa Van-Zeller: Thank you Cal, I’m very happy to come to your center and do the practitioners program. I’ve been in the accounting field for almost 30 years and have had my own Accounting/Bookkeeping practice for 18 years.

Cal Banyan: So that is interesting. You weren’t a nurse, counselor or anything like that. Why did you decide to become a hypnotist?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I was asked to go with someone who wanted to sign up to learn to become a Hypnotist. I went along to check out the financial end of it as it was a private school teaching the NGH course and they wanted my opinion.

After talking with the instructor, I was a bit intrigued and decided to sign up for the first segment myself. Before the end of the 2nd class, I was hooked and wrote out a check to sign up for the rest of the course.

Cal Banyan: So the idea of becoming a hypnotist wasn’t exactly in your life plan at first. That is very interesting. I guess the “rest is history” as they say. Tell me about your practice.

Teresa Van-Zeller: My business name is “Hypnosis 2000” and I practice out of my home. In addition to seeing individual clients, I also hold group classes for HypnoBirthing and I am a faculty member and board member of the HypnoBirthing Institute as well as a faculty member of Roy Hunter’s “Alliance of Self Assurance”. I teach Roy’s Certified Hypnotist course. I also travel quite a bit holding trainings and very much enjoy speaking at corporate functions.

Cal Banyan: Do you have any other training?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I was certified through the NGH–I taught the NGH course through the school I was certified through. I regularly attend conventions/seminars and continue to read just about anything I can get my hands on that will help to develop my skills for teaching and working with my clients.

Cal Banyan: What is your approach to doing hypnosis?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I practice and teach “client centered” hypnosis. Each client is different and I believe in fitting the technique to the client, not the client to the technique.

Cal Banyan: I can see that you are influenced by Roy’s approach to doing hypnosis. I’ve done a lot of work with him. He also teaches at our center and writes for our Banyan Hypnosis E-Zine. I even did a whole series of interviews with him and published them as video Podcasts on my blog, He is quite a guy and I love his hypnosis books.

Tell me more about your practice; what location do you serve and/or what particular population (i.e., children, people with medical issues, people with addictions, etc.)?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I work with all issues, especially of course pregnant couples. Some of my most rewarding sessions have come from working with people for pain management, ADHD and of course always stress reduction. I am fortunate especially through my trainings and school to be working with people from all walks of life–Doctors, nurses, midwives, salesmen, marriage and family counselors.

Cal Banyan: It sounds like your practice really has a sound foundation, and your training is very good as well, that is why you can work with such a diverse set of issues. Can you tell us about an interesting case?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I was working with my brother before he was going in for quadrupal by-pass surgery. Of course giving all the usual suggestions regarding quick natural healing, keeping his muscle tissue relaxed and loose, etc, etc., but he was also quite nervous, as would be expected, so we really worked on staying relaxed and any sounds he heard in the operating room would only cause him to become more relaxed, etc. And he would stay so calm and relaxed that he would simply not pay attention to any of the sounds in the room unless he was called by his first name. Only if he was called by his first name, would he pay attention, do what was asked of him and then go back into that deep relaxed state.

The surgery went great and they wheeled him out to recovery and my sister and I were the first to go in to see him. The nurse was by the bed and told us to go ahead and talk to him and that he would not respond as he would be out for at least another 12 hours but go ahead and talk to him as he might be able to hear us. So I walked over to the bed and said “Hi Chris, it’s me”. Instantly, his eyes popped wide open and I thought the nurse was going to have her own heart attack. Of course, my brother then cringed as he was suddenly in a great deal of pain and I simply put my hand on his forehead and said “relax” and he immediately closed his eyes and his body went limp again.

I got a call from his doctor the next day asking for some business cards.

Cal Banyan: That is a great example of both what hypnosis can do when used well, and how doing so can get you some more business. I hope you get many more clients from that doctor! I’m sure the doc was very impressed.

Do you have any specialties or favorite issues you like to work with?

Teresa Van-Zeller: HypnoBirthing® and pain management (not related to childbirth), and believe it or not, stress management. It’s just a win-win situation every time.

Cal Banyan: Why do your clients select you over other hypnotists?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I have never really done any advertising. I have been fortunate in getting referrals from previous clients and of course, the Doctors.

Cal Banyan: That is wonderful. Your success is your best marketing strategy. Do you teach any classes?

Teresa Van-Zeller: HypnoBirthing® classes, Certified Hypnotist trainings.

Cal Banyan: Have you produced any books, CDs, or DVDs, etc.?

Teresa Van-Zeller: I am in the process of making a whole line of CD’s and am actually in the process of writing a book.

Cal Banyan: Well, let us know as you get those projects completed and maybe we can list them on the mall or I can help you to get the word out about them. What would you like everyone to know about hypnosis?

Teresa Van-Zeller: That Hypnosis is not a miracle cure, however, when someone is ready for change, they will get miraculous results.

Cal Banyan: I agree completely. Hypnosis cannot make you do anything, but when you are ready to make a real change in your life, a well trained and experienced hypnotist makes all the difference.

Can you give a piece of advice to other hypnotists?

Teresa Van-Zeller: Keep learning. The more I learn, I realize the less I know. Have fun with this. It really is that easy to help effect change. There are no limits. We are just scratching the surface. Let the Journey begin.

Cal Banyan: Wow, that is great advice. I look forward to seeing you at our center!

If anyone is interested in learning more about how to become a HypnoBirthing® practitioner, check out Teresa Van-Zeller’s information at www.Hypnosis.ORG.

That wraps it up for this interview. Keep checking back for more interviews with more successful hypnotists! Scripts