What I Learned From Cal Today

Hypnotist Marc Drucker

by Marc Drucker

As many of you know, I have finished my internship here at the Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. I am now a full-time employee. I spend three days a week seeing clients as a hypnotist and the rest of the time, I assist Cal with business development and public relations.

Guess what? I still have supervision meetings with Cal each week. We watch a video of one of my sessions. Today’s review went well. There was no bloodshed or destruction of property!

I would like you all to remember to video record all of your client sessions, it is so important. It is so valuable to watch your past sessions so that you can notice all the mistakes you keep making but are not aware of, trust me. What could be more painful than watching one of my videos with Cal and watching me accidentally lead a client without even realizing it? Please record and review your sessions and you will definitely improve the quality and effectiveness of your work.

Another important reason to record the sessions is for liability purposes. If a client makes a claim against you for any reason, you need not worry. You have everything said and down on tape. An ounce of caution is worth a bushel of something…

On another note, Cal put 5-PATH® into a new perspective for me. We all know that each phase has a different purpose. I had a client who started getting panic attacks in the morning and she had a fear of driving a car. She had loved driving for the past twenty years but had not driven in the last two years. I did all five phases and there were improvements after each phase. She would relapse each Monday back into a fear a driving. By the time she came to see me on the fifth session, I realized that I needed a new strategy.

Cal and I spoke about it. He made it very clear that phase two, age regression, is all about removing fear from the client. Phase three, forgiveness of others work, is all about removing anger. Phase four, forgiveness of others work, is about removing guilt from the client and empower them to take control of their life.

I learned that I had a client with multiple initial sensitizing events (ISE). We did three sets of phase two. Two of the three sessions included an additional phase 3, forgiveness of others work and a phase four, forgiveness of self work. My work with this client took more sessions that I had expected but I feel that I changed the way she lives her life. I helped her to love herself and treat herself better. Best of all she is now free to drive!


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