The Hypnotic Seal and Narcolepsy

Hypnotist James Ramey

by James Ramey

I felt that in this ezine I would speak about what has become to be known as the “Hypnotic Seal” and its presence. A past graduate of mine, who we shall call Chris, had a friend who was a narcoleptic for twenty years, who we shall call Barbara. Chris decided that she not having seen Barbara in about six months would visit and spend the weekend with her. Chris arrived on a Friday evening and the two of them had a wonderful dinner together talking about Chris’ new skills as a hypnotist.

Barbara coaxed Chris into hypnotizing her. At first everything seemed to be going very well. However, Chris realized that even though Barbara was very deep in hypnosis, she was no longer responding. Chris’ first inclination was that Barbara had entered a state of aphasia. So, Chris decided to exit Barbara from hypnosis and possibly begin again. That is when Chris’ experience really began.

Barbara did not respond to Chris as she exited Barbara from hypnosis. Barbara just remained in the state and would not respond to any form of arousal to full conscious awareness. Then for a short moment, panic over came Chris. Then Chris, gaining back her composure, began to think back to the last two weeks of her training.

Chris recalled the lecture and practicum in the “hypnotic seal.” She thought to herself, “Now, what did Jim say about when a person goes into hypnosis and no longer responds?” As Chris went over that lesson in her mind, she decided to speak out loud to Barbara the wording which would assist the person into responding again as the seal was broken and restore recall of the seal was instituted.

As this breaking of the hypnotic seal patter was spoken to Barbara, she began to respond and actually exit the hypnotic state. Upon her return to full conscious awareness, Barbara recalled an event which occurred during a visit to the Doctor who she was seeing for self esteem issues, some twenty years prior. Barbara explained to Chris, that the Doctor told her while she was in hypnosis, that whenever Barbara saw the color green, she would immediately reenter hypnosis.

Also, if another person would ever try to hypnotize her she would enter hypnosis but that person would not be able to exit her from hypnosis. Also, the Doctor would be the only person who would be able to exit Barbara from hypnosis. Furthermore, Barbara would completely and totally follow his instructions but, she would never, “Consciously” remember being given these instructions.

With this, Chris told Barbara that it was important for Barbara to reenter hypnosis to show her that the seal was no longer effective. Chris then rehypnotized Barbara and guided her into deep somnambulism and had Barbara produce several somnambulistic effects including having her open her eyes while she was still in somnambulism. Chris then had Barbara exit the hypnotic state which was the final proof that the hypnotic seal, which was placed upon Barbara some twenty years prior, was no longer effective. Not only was the seal broken, but Barbara had her memory restored of the entire event that caused her to be diagnosed as having narcolepsy.

Chris kept tabs on Barbara over the next several months and Barbara reported to Chris that there we no more episodes of narcolepsy and her energy had returned to normal. The significance to the color green was very detrimental to Barbara because, not only did she live in Florida, have several green house plants in her kitchen but also she lost her drivers license for her episodes at traffic lights. This was because when Barbara would come to a traffic light that was red, she would stop. When the light turned green Barbara would enter a deep state of hypnosis and remain there for quite some time. Barbara eventually had her driver’s license restored after being re-diagnosed as, no longer having narcolepsy.

There are several things that you must be aware of. One is that a seal can be one of two types. The first being a heteroseal, which is a seal placed by another person. There are three types of these seals. Another is a self imposed seal, of which there are two types. If this person has a heteroseal place upon them, you can find out how to break it with one of the techniques in this mini-course.

If it is a self imposed seal, one type is for self preservation or protection. The other type is for not wanting to move forward in life. These are more difficult to break but can be done. Scripts