Ultra Depth® Process and Past-Life Regression

Hypnotist James Ramey

by James Ramey

Part One

Regressive Hypnosis is a process of recall. In a sense, it is the reactivation of stored memories; memories that are stored within the higher mind that we call in Ultra Depth® the Subconscious and the Superconscious. To clear up the difference between the two, the Subconscious is our present higher mind and the Superconscious is the repository of all of the Subconsciouses of our personal past-lives.

Regressing is a process that just about anyone can do if they relax deeply enough and let go. Every person differs in how much time it takes them to relax. They must be able to relax to the level where they can recall information stored deep within.

Most of us have glimpses of the past through the experiences we call, “deja vous.” Deja vous is when we recall a moment in time, which in some way, is similar to an event which is about to occur. An example of this is visiting a place for the first time and yet it seems as if you have been there before. Sometimes we experience dreams of past events, so far back that it could not have happened in our lifetime.

We all posses the ability to recall our past; some can easily recall events further back than others. There are those however, who need to be taught to relax and then can be guided in the process of recalling. One who becomes trained in the Ultra Depth® Process knows many methods in which he or she can assist a person in recalling their past and techniques to help them to relax to the level where the process can occur.

Past-lives don’t influence the here and now but past “Subconsciouses” from other lives do help and support us. That is why we may suddenly have knowledge of something we have no experience and why we may suddenly have a skill or talent that we don’t know where it came from.

The benefit of utilizing the Ultra Depth® Process in regression is what I have termed, “Step Regression.” It is the bringing forth of the Subconscious from the past life to communicate with us. When this occurs through Step Regression it is as if the actual personality is living once again in the present moment. The past personality can temporarily regain control of the physical body, utilize the eyes to see, ears to hear and the mouth to speak. He or she can also move the body a bit to have limited movement in the communication process.

The past personality, in most cases will first speak in the language they spoke in that past life. They will not recognize you, the operator, unless you and that past personality experienced that life together. Then if that did occur, the past personality would address you as the individual from his or her past.

I will speak further on Step Regression in Part Two. I will also work with Cal Banyan to see if I can make a video taken during a live session of Step Regression available on the Banyan Hypnosis Mall in the near future. It demonstrates how, when done correctly, the individual’s past personality will answer questions. In the case of the video the client answered questions from an audience about the time that she lived and her beliefs she possessed then. I’ll see if I can give Cal the “nudge” so that he will make it available.

I will discuss all this and more in Part Two!


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