Ultra Depth® Process and Past-Life Regression Part Two

Hypnotist James Ramey

by James Ramey

When I first began doing Past-Life Regressions, I was unsatisfied with the results that I was getting with clients. They all were very satisfied with their experience but, I was not. I wanted more than just the individual sitting there with his or her eyes closed and telling me what they were experiencing or speaking with some accent that was supposed to be acquired from the past-life that they had lived.

I eventually gave up on regressions until I had an experience with a client of mine who had gone to someone else to be regressed earlier that day because refused to regress her. She told me of her experience with this practitioner and that she found herself emerging as she was choking and gasping for her breath as if she was being strangled.

After I explained to her that it was not necessary to have an unpleasant experience, she begged me to regress her. Well, after much hashing around in my mine I decided to make one more go of it. The following week I decided to use a method that I believed would get the Conscious out of the way, so I would be able to facilitate a regression that I could accept as genuine. I would use her keywords that I had set her up with in previous sessions. Each keyword sent her to a more profound depth than the previous depth until she reached the Sichort State.

Then, I repeated the process from the Sichort State back up to somnambulism. Then I began my patter to regress her into another time that she had lived prior to this life. When I asked her to open her eyes and see, she stared into my eyes and nodded her head. I then began asking her question and she answered in a language that I did not understand or recognize. Finally, I asked her to close her eyes and when I again asked her to open her eyes, she would speak the language of the present one.

As this transpired, she spoke in American English and asking her the same questions as I had previously asked, I know understood her answers. When the session ended my client had no recall of what had taken place. I continued to facilitate more regression sessions with her and each time she would emerge without recall even though I suggested that she would have complete and full recall of the session.

These sessions continued for nearly six months and then I had the opportunity to do a demonstration in the presence of a small group of individuals. We recorded the regression and after I played it for her. She was shocked with what she saw and had a difficult time accepting it. Her past-life personality answered questions from those who attended and spoke for one-hour.

We were asked to return the following month and repeat our presentation. We did and this time I experienced something that completely convinced me that past-life regression was not only valid but that the personalities from the lives we have lived before are still within us and can think independently of us. It happened when someone asked my clients personality a question pertaining to what we know of as, “television.”

Suddenly I found myself saying, “I shall answer this one.” The next thing I knew I was standing beside my physical body and could not control what was transpiring. It was as if I was shoved aside and someone else took over the operation of my faculties. This lasted for just a short time and then as it ended I found myself once again in control of my body.

See you all next time for part three.


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