Ultra Depth® Process The Most Astounding Discovery of Our Time

Hypnotist James Ramey

by James Ramey

I will begin by speaking about the differences between the Ultra Depth® Process and traditional hypnosis. One difference is that the Ultra Depth® Process is based on the depth of the client and not suggestions for achieving results. In traditional hypnosis, the practitioner depends solely upon the client achieving a light or medium hypnotic state and the use of clever metaphors and suggestions. Most of the time this method is not enough to get to the root cause of a situation and facilitate permanent change.

The mind models which traditional hypnosis and Ultra Depth® Process use are different. Traditional hypnosis views the mind as two parts; the conscious mind and the unconscious/subconscious which all is believed to be an effect of brain function. The subconscious mind is believed to be child-like, can be easily tricked or fooled and needs to be told what to do. Often the subconscious is blamed for storing bad habits and negative thoughts and needs to be reprogrammed.

The Ultra Depth® Process mind model consists of three parts: the Conscious, the unconscious or brain, and the Subconscious. In this model, the Subconscious is more intelligent than the Conscious and does not need suggestions from another person to make changes. The Subconscious is also where gut instinct or intuition and what we call “psychic abilities” are attributed. Through the Ultra Depth® Process we have discovered that the Subconscious is the “Gate Keeper” within the “Higher Mind.”

In the Ultra Depth® Process mind model, all good and bad behavior and habits are stored in the brain and not Subconscious. We call the brain the unconscious because it cannot think or reason; it can only process information. Much like programs on the hard drive of a computer, habits or behaviors are formed in childhood from learned beliefs, experiences and repeated responses to various stimuli. The Subconscious can alter these programs in the brain like a computer programmer can reprogram a computer. Once a person experiences the Ultra Depth® Process, it makes it possible for those changes to become permanent.

The first working level of the Ultra Depth® Process is called somnambulism. A person seeking to create changes in behavior or health related issues, must be able to achieve somnambulism or a deeper state for long lasting results. Lighter states of hypnosis have proven to only provide a temporary fix and are not recommended for dentistry or surgery of any kind. Traditional hypnosis states that somnambulism is the deepest level obtainable by an individual.

Ultra Depth® Process goes beyond somnambulism, into the Esdaile and Sichort States. The Esdaile State is useful for surgery and healing. This is where general anesthesia of the entire body is automatically present without the use of verbal suggestions. In the plenary level of the Esdaile State, the individual will display catatonic responses without the use of verbal suggestions. A catatonic response is when the individual’s limbs are extended with the joints locked without any contraction of the surface muscles. The individual may remain in this position for lengthy periods without any muscle fatigue or any negative effects.

The Sichort State is the most profound depth of consciousness and awareness known to-date. This level of depth was discovered and developed by Walter A. Sichort, Sr. In this state an individuals gifts, talents and creativity seem to be amplified. Healing happens at a rate of six to ten times faster than in normal deep sleep. Fifteen minutes in the Sichort State feels like a five-hour power nap. Using the Sichort State, a person begins to experience a higher level of awareness and intuition, as well as an increased feeling of well-being and more energy in their daily life. The Ultra Depth® Process is available to anyone interested in a powerful tool for accelerated personal growth and development.

The Sichort State is the exact same state that Edgar Cayce achieved during his medical readings that helped so many individuals heal in his day. Those individuals who achieve the Sichort State today are able to access that same information and help others as well as themselves. To my knowledge, the Sichort State allows us to truly tap into our inner well of wisdom that each of us possess.

Yes, it does take more time to condition an individual but once this process has been accomplished, then only a single word need to be spoken and instantly the client is ready for any hypnotic intervention. The keywords that are setup for the attainment of the various depths within the Ultra Depth® Process never fade away. They will be able to be used by the client for the rest of their life and always be just as affective as the day they were setup.


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