Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Training Podcast #22 – Cal Interviews Matt Sison As He Gives His Talk On Making “The Secret” Work

Hypnotist Matt Sison

by Matt Sison

Hello, and welcome to this edition of the Banyan Meet the Pros Program and Podcast #22!

Today we are Podcasting from The Banyan Hypnosis Center classroom, and I am happy to bring you Matt Sison. This is a dual purpose project it is going to be both a Meet the Pros Program and Podcast #22.

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Because this is a Meet the Pros Program, it is a recording of a live broadcast which was attended by members who have signed into our virtual classroom. So during this program you will hear me address those attendees as well as the camera that recorded the program. You will also hear a couple of those comments.

We use a very similar system for our Live Online Hypnosis Certification Course and Week of Power Course which you can take over the Internet in real time.

The name of this seminar is Making ‘The Secret’ Work

Matt Sison is a Spiritual Healer, who has become internationally recognized as the innovative creator of his powerful new CD, Remembrance. He went through hypnosis certification training at our center a few years ago, and since then he has busy helping others using hypnosis and other techniques.

Today you will learn how to exponentially multiply the power of the Law of Attraction to transform your dreams into reality!

Now, let Matt Sison, guide you back to your vibrational match. Wow! With that I can hardly wait to get started. Matt, take it away.:-)

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