Does Weight control begin with mind control?

Hypnotist Dr. William Horton

by Dr. William Horton

After working with thousands of people for weight loss, and seeing some people succeed very easily and others struggle, I began to gather information on the thought process of both those who lose weight easily and those who do not.

The results were both simple and yet profound in their implication. How and what a person thinks will be the greatest indicator of the level of success. Daily self talk is the key.

51,000 Thoughts per day, helping you or harming you?

Neuroscientists have long known that most people in the world carries on an ongoing inner dialog of self talk, and it has a rate of between 150 and 300 words, this means the average person has between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts per day. In fact I would dare say you cannot go more than 10 seconds without self talk, unless you have mastered meditation, or self hypnosis.

Most of this self talk is basically harmless general thoughts, but negative self talk and thoughts starts into motion a self fulfilling prophecy, that can propel you to your goals, or stop you dead in your tracks!

Look at these two people:

One forces themselves from bed in the morning, saying to themselves,

“I wish I didn’t have to get up for work, another day” they go on and sit at the table saying to themselves “Crap today is the day xxxx comes in, this is going to be a horrible day, I feel terrible, I think I will eat something to get me going” “Losing weight is so hard, I guess I will struggle with my weight forever” (and they grab a donut or something else that will sabotage their weight program.

The other person, gets up and says to themselves, “Today is a great day to be alive”

This person look in the mirror and thinks, “Looking good, the weight is really falling off” “Losing weight is easy and I feel better than I have in years”

She goes on, “I think I will work out some before I eat something, I deserve to be good to myself” (she does this and then eats a piece of fruit for breakfast)

How do you think these two would rate on a self esteem scale? What about their weight programs?

(By the way, the above is the same person, the first before hypnosis when she weighed 223 pounds, the second after 1 year weighing 140)

Athletes may hold the key.

One day I was at the gym working out and personal trainer was working with a person who said t them “I hate working out, I hate exercising, I only do it because I have to”.

The trainer stopped them and stated, “You know I really can’t help you until we change your mind set, all the work we do will be for nothing, because you will stop and sabotage this as soon as you can”, he then lead them over to a couple of people (who were in great shape, looked great, and oozed vitality) And asked them their thoughts about working out, they said some thing to effect “Can’t wait to get here, best thing I do for myself all day, my body needs this, a day without exercising is like a day without breathing”

I stopped and looked around the room, it did not take a rocket scientists (or psychologist) to figure out if you loved to work out you would. The thought of not working out would be alien.

True change comes from your inner beliefs and core ideals. I thought of people who eat healthy, they had the same processes going on that I had about exercising!

You reap what you sow.

This old rule also applies to our thoughts as well. Many of us have those limiting core beliefs and ideals that causes us to fail time and time again, they sabotage us at evry opportunity. Is it possible that you could be saying things to yourself that stops your success?

My weight loss clients that do not do as well constantly say things like, ” Losing weight is so hard”, “My whole family is fat”, Weight loss is a struggle”.

These constant limiting negative thoughts form core beliefs and ideals that will be with you forever.

Change you mind, change your body.

Negative beliefs and ideals can be replaced with positive suggestions! These need to be repeated both in and out of trance, until they become your self talk. These suggestions must be positive, in the present, I am I will, I do, I xxxx , is the format.

They have to short, to the point and SIMPLE! If a 5 year old would not understand, they will not be as effective.

They need to be repeated 5 to 15 time several time a day, both in and out of trance. The more you declare these beliefs, the quicker your brain will force them into reality!

Types of suggestions that work:

I eat less and enjoy it more!

I keep the weight I desire xxx pounds!

I love exercising!

This is the type of basic reprogramming we do at Sun Coast Hypnosis. As you have seen by our ads, we have helped hundreds of local people, just like you, reprogram themselves so they can lose weight and keep it off.

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