11 Benefits of Becoming a Hypnosis Professional

Hypnotist Calvin Banyan

by Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, MCHP, DNGH, OB

Even though getting started in any new profession has its challenges and you have to work at it, especially in the beginning, I think it is worth it. So do the many people who come to our Hypnosis Certification Courses. Have a look at some of my ideas about the benefits of becoming a professional Consulting Hypnotist. See if my career path appeals to you.

Benefits of Becoming a Professional Hypnotist

Freedom! I remember the days of having to go to work at a particular time, having scheduled breaks and lunch time. I could never go back to that kind of lifestyle. Now I set my own hours, decide when I want to go on vacation, how long and how many vacations I’ll take and have the kind of freedom that I never knew before. Does that appeal to you?

Income! When times are good, people spend money on self-improvement, and when times are tough they may spend even more on self-improvement. Get the right kind of training, with the right kind of support system and you can get a great start to what could be a high paying career. I can’t tell you how much you can make as a hypnotist, no one can do that. It depends on so many factors. I started off making $65.00 per session. Now, I generally make $750 per office visit with a client, on average. New hypnotists graduate from our program and can go right into their practice and start making $150 per session to start, and then gradually raise their rates from there. How much you make depends on how many clients you are able and willing to see each week. It also depends if you want to work full or part time. The important factor is that it is up to you, how much you make.

“Job” Security! Have you or anyone you know been fired or laid off? Too many people find false security in having a job. I know that I can never be fired or laid off. I love that. I am the one who determines how successful or secure my family and I are. I don’t have a “job”, I have a hypnosis practice.

Get Started Fast! I’ve seen my students go directly from our classroom, to their own office, or an office at our center and start seeing clients in as little as a week after graduation. Upon graduation from our course, you can get started helping people fast. Some of our graduates take longer to get things set up, i.e. their office and they want to review their course and other materials, but this can be done in weeks rather than years. In just about every other helping profession you need to go to college and study for years before you can ever sit in front of a client and help them. If you are willing to study what you learn in the Banyan Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Certification Course and implement what you have learned, you can start changing lives for the better very quickly (without incurring huge student loans)!

Satisfying Work! Helping the people you love and helping clients to improve their lives is one of the most satisfying things you can do as a career. As a hypnotherapist I see change happen in clients in every session. I am a trained psychotherapist, and I found that doing psychotherapy was a very slow, and sometimes boring path to change. Really significant change didn’t often occur in each session with a psychotherapy client. This was often frustrating and sometimes boring for me and my clients. All that changed, when I left the ways of “talk therapy” behind and started doing the kind of advanced hypnosis work I do and teach others to do now. Now I know that I am going to make a huge difference in my client’s lives every session and you can too. I always look forward to seeing my clients and leave my office each day satisfied knowing I’ve made a huge difference for my clients.

Be a Life Saver! As a 5-PATH® trained hypnotherapist, you can help people when everything else has failed. Most of your clients will have tried everything else they can think of before they come to see you. They have tried self-help books, videos, and audio programs. They may have gone through counseling, or psychotherapy, used a coach or talked to a priest. All of those professions help people, that goes without saying, but the folks that they don’t help become frustrated, depressed and desperate. Without help, some may even consider giving up, even “ending it all”. This is one huge reason why I love this profession, we help people to find hope and success when every other option has failed. Become a truly competent and confident hypnosis professional and like me, you will save lives, families, marriages, careers and more. You will be proud of the work that you do in this profession

Professional Lifestyle! The lifestyle of the hypnosis professional is very similar to that of a counselor, psychologist or other helping professional. You will generally have an office to work in, and make appointments to see clients. You don’t have to get your hands dirty, hurt your back lifting, or endure bad weather. The work that we do as hypnotists is done in the most comfortable of environments, clean, air-conditioned and aesthetically pleasing.

Low Investment! Usually to achieve the professional lifestyle I’ve described above it requires a huge investment of time, money and effort. The investment to become a well trained, competent and confident hypnosis professional at our center is very, very low compared to the huge investment and costs of getting a college degree. For a very reasonable investment, most grads are able to pay for their course, any additional professional development materials they want and get a workable office up and running. No student loans, VA loans or huge parental loans are required, so you can get profitable very quickly.

Very Interesting! The work we do as hypnotists is always interesting. Hypnosis is an interesting subject and process to master. Working with clients and helping them to change is interesting as well. You get to see hypnotic phenomena every day that you work with clients. If you find people interesting, then you will find this work interesting. I think about each person as being a kind of mystery novel. They have their story. Somewhere in their unique history, something did not go right and as a result, things are not working out for them today. Using my hypnotherapeutic skills, I’ll find out what that was and help my clients make a shift to being successful, happy, healthy and hopeful again.

5-PATH® Certified hypnosis professionals are not “script-notists” just reading hypnosis scripts to hypnotized clients. No, the hypnotherapists who graduate from one of my courses learn much more powerful skills and don’t find themselves just reading scripts. I personally could not do that day in and day out. Our students learn to use hypnotic age regression and other powerful techniques that work when everything else has failed.

Prestige! Being recognized as a professional always brings a level of prestige. But being recognized as a successful hypnotherapist is considered by many to be particularly prestigious. Because of this, along with hypnosis being a very interesting topic, I have been on both TV and radio. Become a confident and competent hypnotist and you instantly become a “very interesting person”. People always want to know more about what I do. They are intrigued by it. Most people have never met “a real hypnotist” before. Don’t be surprised if you are the most interesting person at a party or gathering and people naturally come to you and want to know more about what you do.

Self-transformation! Not only do you help others but you get to help yourself. We should always be in a constant state of self-improvement. Don’t you want to continue to grow, overcome old limitations, create new habits and overcome the old negative ones? Do you have old fears or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back? There is no other profession that prepares you better for personal self-transformation than becoming a fully trained and certified hypnosis professional.

If you decide to only work on yourself, then it was all worth it. Making your life better, breaking through old habits and limitations can be reason enough to go through the training. I am so grateful that I decided to become a hypnotist; because it has transformed my life in so many positive ways that I know would never have been accomplished any other way.

There you go. I think that these are some of the very best reasons to become a Certified Hypnotist. Does that list appeal to you? If it does, I hope that I’ll see you in class very soon.

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