Addiction is a piece of cake for Adam to beat

Published on: January 28, 2013
Source: DailyMail

Hypnosis for Cake Addiction

Adam Williams, a supermarket worker turned to hypnotherapy to stop his addiction of eating birthday cakes.

For over a year, Adam blown up to 15 stone after bingeing on the sweet treats that he bought on his work every day.

Buying and eating cakes have been part of Adam’s daily routine. He eats cakes just like any other normal people eating their breakfasts or lunch. He would even experience migraines if he can’t eat a piece of cake a day.

But after piling pounds of weight from eating a lot of cake, Adam turned to hypnotherapy to stop his addiction of eating cakes. He went to a hypnotherapy clinic as an attempt to lose weight as his last resort to help him cut off his addiction.

After taking several hypnotherapy sessions, Adam now’s able to manage to lose four stone and felt much better.

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