An Unusual Regression

Hypnotist C, Roy Hunter

by C. Roy Hunter, FAPHP

Many years ago a very unusual regression took place that gave me many points to ponder. Bill (not his real name) was born blind, and he spent years wondering why God allowed him to never know what it is like to see.

Although a devout Christian, he requested that I facilitate a past life regression after he read a passage in the New Testament regarding a blind man that Jesus healed. The disciples then asked Jesus whether the man was born blind because of his sins, or his father’s sins. My client asked, “How could he be born blind because of his own sins unless he lived before this life?”

The Pre-Talk

I explained several possible methods of exploring a real or imagined past life, and he chose one involving sound and feelings since he had no reference of any visual imagery.

He went into hypnosis fairly easily and was able to attain a deep state. Afterwards he was ready to begin the actual regression.

The Regression

Bill emerged into the regression sitting at a huge oak table in a medieval castle. He was ruler of his realm, and then started describing a very visual regression…

First he described a huge bowl of fruit sitting in the middle of the table. He then looked out the window and described green, rolling hills and a bright blue sky. An apple tree stood nearby bearing bright red apples, with several dropped on the ground. Looking back into the room, Bill then described a large stone fireplace with dancing orange flames. He continued to describe the decor of this large room.

After allowing him several minutes to give very vivid visual descriptions of all that he saw, I moved him forward in time to a very significant event.

That event was some of his people complaining about their taxes being too high, requiring too many sacrifices to pay them in full. Apparently numerous subjects of that ruler gave detailed complaints; but his response was to increase their taxes instead of lowering them.

Afterwards I moved my client through the entire lifetime to the first moment of total peace after the transition, and suggested: “Please ask your Higher Power of Diving Guidance about your life purpose or mission for that life…”

Bill’s response was, “My purpose was to know the difference between ruling and leading; but I failed. Instead of being a leader, I was BLIND to their needs and ruled them selfishly. As a result, I chose to be born blind in this life as a reminder that leaders should never be blind to the needs of others.”

The Post Talk

Two friends witnessed this session; and Bill’s first comment to all of us was how amazing the session was. As a result of his new belief that his own soul chose to be born blind, he would no longer blame God for his condition. He added that it was amazing to remember seeing!

One of the women present asked, “Don’t you dream?”

Bill responded that he never had any visual dreams because there was never any frame of reference for vision. Thus, all his dreams were in sound and touch with occasional taste or smell. He had always wondered what “dancing flames” looked like, as well as green and red. To him, simply remembering the visual images from another life was absolutely amazing.

Maybe that is not scientific proof of former lives, but if Bill did not live the life that he tapped into during that regression, how do we explain his ability to remember visual images?

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