Can Hypnosis Be Used to Bring Out an Individual’s Creativity or to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Hypnotherapist Instructor Cal Banyan

by Cal Banyan

Hello Everybody,

This is Cal Banyan here with Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc., with Celeste Hackett, say hello, Celeste.

Celeste: Hello everyone!

Cal: Caught you off guard didn’t I, you were waiting for me to go into my usual tirade of all these different things to say, huh?

Celeste: Yes, you’re a surprise waiting to happen, every time.

Cal: Well, I know well, you get to surprise me with questions; I should be able to do something. Tell them what we do here on the show.

Celeste: Well, we answer Hypnotist questions and we talk about news and events in Hypnosis and sometimes, we talk about pet peeves that people are doing who practice Hypnosis. In fact, last time on Hypnosis, Etc., we started talking about dumb Hypnotist tricks. Things that you don’t want to do with a Hypnotist because they make you look stupid.

Cal: Amen, that’s right. There are so many things out there that you think might be a good idea but upon earlier and more complete examination, it probably wasn’t the best thing to do. Good, so we’ll wrap up this session, this program with one of those dumb Hypnotist tricks. Is that okay with you, Celeste?

Celeste: I love it.

Cal: Good, so you got some questions for me?

Celeste: Yeah, we’re going to start off with a question from Our Hypno space today. A guy by the name of Joshua, a Hypnotist who has his own page on our it’s kind of like a myspace for Hypnotists and if you’re a Hypnotist and you’re not a part of this wonderful community, you need to log on to our and then go to the “Ask Cal” group and if you have some questions for Cal, it’s free, you get free advice, you get to ask Cal, the Hypnosis genius, is what I like to call him. Okay, here is the first question Cal, from Joshua, he says my question is, can Hypnosis be used to bring out a person’s creativity, or help with writer’s block and if so, and this is the big part of the question and if so, how is that done?

Cal: Uh, that is such a good question. I don’t think Hypnosis can make you more of anything. It can’t make you taller; can’t make you smarter. But it can remove the blockages that are keeping you from being as creative and smart as you can be. Uh, for example it can’t really improve your memory, but what you can do is it can remove the blockages to being able to recall what you do learn. So as far as creativity and writer’s block, guess what, yes, you can fix it. And of course, the way Celeste and I do it, we use 5-PATH®, that systematic approach to dealing with just about everything that comes into the office. And so what do we do in Phase 1 of 5-PATH® is….What is that Celeste?

Celeste: Uh, preparation testing and convincing. We also use that time just to build rapport and collect information and so on.

Cal: That’s right, so the client would come in, tells us about his or her problems, we’re going to prepare them for the Hypnosis sessions by doing things like, you know doing the intake paper work and giving them the pre-talk which helps to remove fears and misconceptions about Hypnosis. Then we’re going to get the background information we need, and so tell us kind of a history of the problem, and then we proceed with the hypnosis. I’m leaving out a few details here, I’m telling you what to do, I can’t tell you exactly how to work with a particular client. Even though you could learn that, but it would take more than the 15, 20 minutes we have here. Then once we’ve got somnambulism, we have done the preparation testing, we convince the person’s in hypnosis, and then we move onto Phase 2, which is,..What is it, Celeste?

Celeste: Phase 2 is umm, Age Regression.

Cal: So, then I would do is, I’d bring up the symptom or the cognition, or the emotion associated with the problem. And so I might say there is a feeling inside you, you don’t like that has everything to do with why you came here to see me today. Writer’s block is usually some kind of fear and Age Regression is usually about undoing fear. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to bring up the fear he has usually of making mistake, or a fear that what he’s writing isn’t good enough, that kind of stuff. And we’ll bring it up and we’ll follow it back to the ISE, Initial Sensitizing Event, then we’ll do the informed child work to neutralize the cause of that feeling, move him back up to now, through the different Subsequent Sensitizing Events and into this individual’s probable future and that is, events where he or she can find himself writing with confidence and flair.

And then, guess what, we are going to complete the work by doing some forgiveness work because in the mind of the client, there’s a reason why they had that problem, caused them problems over all of those years and what we’re going to do is, we’ll do the forgiveness work in the Phase 3 and also forgiveness itself in Phase 4. And every time we do this work with Age Regression and Forgiveness work , it causes the person to have an insight, an epiphany.

And the epiphany causes the subconscious mind to go into a state of reorganization for a short period of time, which allows the individual to go into a state of hyper suggestibility. Super hypnotic suggestibility for any suggestions that he or she receives that are consistent with what they just experienced, that insight. So what we will do is, we will uncover the fear, we’ll neutralize the fear through insight and then what will happen is, we will do the segue, where we go from the insight part of the hypnosis session into the direct suggestion part of the hypnosis session where we say, “Now that you’ve had this insight, you’re going to be able to…” and we fill in the blank.

And in this case, it’ll be, able to write with confidence, and a great deal of creativity and really suggest that, that creative and courageous part of them moves forward and then, what we do is, we move them forward into the future, like I said before, where they can experience that. Pretty easy, I do it all the time. What do you think of that, Celeste?

Celeste: I think that was well put, and that is a very easy kind of session to do, it’s a fun session. You know, to work with removing those blocks and getting those aha’s, it’ll be wonderful for the Hypnotist and for the client. And Cal, do you mind if I read a piece of fan mail that we got, I’m so excited?

Cal: I would love to…you know I’ve been reading this fan mail, and also it shows up on groups on Yahoo and I keep meaning to read them in the program, I’m so glad you remembered, please, give us some fan mail.

Celeste: Okay, this one says, I’m loving your Podcast with Cal. This person wrote to me, sorry Cal. And you’re so hilarious, sorry Cal and she says you enchilada you. Not sure what that means, poor Cal, he never knows what you’re going to toss at him. It’s a great act you guys have and the information is fantastic and that’s from Debbie Yaffey in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. And by the way, Tom Nicoli’s going there and they’re going to do a whole thing on receiving your life’s abundance right there Shelburne Falls, she was able to coerce him into coming out there to be with her. You know, get him out there, so she’s real excited.

But, then we got another one from somebody named Sue in Wisconsin. She says I enjoyed watching the latest Podcast on fractionation; I’ve been using it as written in my information but will now do it correctly from watching Cal. And he states that you can view it on his DVD, I have the 10 pack do you know which one it is? I’ll let you answer that question Cal and we’ll move on.

Cal: The 10 packs, do you know what she’s talking about?

Celeste: No, I thought that there was something new you were selling. I guess she means the DVD, umm; class, I’m guessing, the class on DVD, and the whole training on DVD.

Cal: Uh, she’s talking about our distance learning course for Certification in 5-PATH®, which is only available if you’re already Certified in Hypnosis. It’s not a how to Hypnotize class, it’s for people who already know the basics and are ready to really begin the work of becoming 1%er’s . The people who want to really put in the time, the effort to rise to the top 1% of the profession. Good, super and Debbie Yaffey, hello, and she’s one of our graduates and she’s very busy, being involved in our hypnosis space.

And Tom Nicoli, hello there, it was fun seeing you at the convention, as always. And Tom Nicoli, besides being an excellent Hypnotist, is one heck of a rock and roller to boot. Alright, what’s up next, is it time for our dumb Hypnotist question?

Celeste: Yeah, let’s go ahead and do that because I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to say this week.

Cal: Well, you requested one of the dumb Hypnotists tricks; do you remember which one it was?

Celeste: Yeah, I do, I just, I can’t stand it, it’s kind of like a pet peeve when the Hypnotists ask the client after they’re emerged, this magic question, I’m not going to give it away Cal, you go ahead.

Cal: Ok, this is a beginner’s mistake, and the beginner’s mistake is after they emerge the client, here’s the dumb Hypnotist trick, they look at the client and say, “Did you feel hypnotized, or how did I do?” This is like the Amateur, I’m drawing a little “a” with my finger, I’m an amateur, I’m an amateur, I’m not a professional. Do not leave it up to the client or the hypnotic Subject to evaluate whether they’re hypnotized. First of all, you’re the professional; you’re supposed to have done that testing.

The covert testing and then the overt testing, you’re supposed to determine whether the person is hypnotized, not your client. And let me tell you what, hypnosis doesn’t feel like anything, so asking them if they felt like they were hypnotized just doesn’t make any sense. Hypnosis could be defined as a heightened state of suggestibility or some people define it as the bypass of the critical factor in the establishment of acceptable thinking.

What does that mean? Well, sure it doesn’t have anything to do with feelings? Hypnosis doesn’t feel like anything, some people when you hypnotize them, they’ll report feeling a tingling sensation, other people, that they felt light, other people, that they felt heavy and relaxed. So, asking your client whether or not he or she felt hypnotized is an amateur’s mistake, a dumb hypnotist trick. What you want to do is when they emerge, you want to look at them and say, “And you do feel good, don’t you”?

Because when they first emerge, they’re evaluating how they feel and how it went. And when they first emerge, they first open those eyes, they’re still not fully emerged yet; you want to get that last suggestion in, that it felt good. If you’re concerned whether or not your clients believe that they’re hypnotized, well, this is what you should do, you should learn testing procedures.

You should always first test covertly for the level of hypnosis that you want. If you need somnambulism, then you need to know some tests for somnambulism, we teach those in all of our courses. The NGH Certification course that we teach we add that to the course and then also the Week of Power course. Now, let’s see what else I was going to say, you also need to do overt testing. That’s like, so the client knows that they’re hypnotized.

And it’s a very good idea that you should do these techniques so your clients know that they’re hypnotized for 2 major reasons. One, there’s a thing we called deepening by realization, when the client realizes that he or she is hypnotized, it tends to deepen the Hypnosis. What does deepen mean, means to make them more suggestible, so they’re going to be more successful? And another reason you should always do overt testing, is so that they have something to talk about.

Almost every person that comes to see you, tell somebody, guess what, I’m going to go see the Hypnotist tomorrow or next week. And then when they run into that person again, that person is going to ask them, “So, did you get hypnotized”? You don’t want them to say, well, I think so; maybe I was just relaxed. You want them to say oh, yeah, he had me do this and that. For example, you give them a suggestion that they can’t open their eyes while they’re in Hypnosis.

And they try, but they can not, they try, but they can not, they try, but they can not until they’re convinced and then when their friend or family member says, “So were you hypnotized? They can say, yeah, this guy is awesome, he locked my eyelids closed and I couldn’t open them, I really tried, boy was I convinced. Then what’s going to happen, I’ll tell you what, if that friend ever wants to see a Hypnotist, they’re going to want to see you,because they don’t know if that other person can do it, they don’t know how well some other person who has an ad on the internet or in the yellow pages can do it. They know that you’ve hypnotized their friend and so they’ll want to work with you. So don’t do the dumb Hypnotists trick of saying, “Well, did you feel hypnotized”? There’s much better things you can do than that, anything to add to that, Celeste?

Celeste: Yeah, some other questions that are sort of shoots off that question is, “How was that?”, or “Do you think that’ll help”? Umm, you know, sometimes we don’t feel confident, so you just have to act as if you are, especially when you’re first getting started and you’ll be surprised to find that most of the time, 99% of the time, as long as you’ve followed the, you know, your outline, if you’ve got a good outline.

Like we always have a wonderful one with 5-PATH®, as 5-PATHers, but if you have a good outline and you follow it and you do what you’re supposed to do, the client is going to emerge feeling fantastic and really excited. And then don’t forget, as Cal was saying, when you count from 1 to 5 to emerge them, to put in those suggestions that they’ve done wonderful that they feel fantastic.

And that, as they emerge more and more on the #5, they’re going to feel good and then say, as Cal says, “And you do feel good, don’t you”? And I like to look at them and nod my head as I say that and almost always, they start nodding their head too and it’s just a wonderful thing and you’re going to have fun with that. Try that, “And you do feel good, don’t you”? And it’s going to work wonderfully for you.

Cal: That’s right, no more dumb Hypnotists tricks for the people who are watching this show. I’ve got a whole bunch of them; I’ve got about 10 sitting here in front of me and over the next few episodes we’re going to go through uh, these dumb Hypnotists tricks so that you don’t ever do them and as a result you’re going to be happier, you’re going to be more confident, you’re going to do your session in a more skilled way.

Your clients are going to be more successful, you’re going to get more referrals and everything’s going to plot, everything’s going to posture. You know what we’ve got to do Celeste, one of these days we’ve got to put together a bloopers video that would be fun. Okay, you do these like we’re teaching you and you’re going to prosper, there you go Celeste, why don’t you wrap it up?

Celeste: Okay, and just before I go, since we did mentioned Tom Nicoli, and Debbie Yaffey, I guess we should go ahead and just say where this is going to be, it’s Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, 6:30 to 9:00, Friday, October 12. Tom Nicoli, whose a published author, speaker, trainer is going to be doing, “Are you receiving your life’s abundance, is the law of attraction working for you?” And I think that would be a cool thing, if you can fly on out there and say hi, to Tom and Debbie.

And thank you for the fan mail, and we’ve got some other fan mail, you know. Didn’t have time to read the others that came in, not that I’ve got bags and bags, or we got bags and bags, but just to appreciate your feedback. Uh, it’s nice to hear what you like on the program, we also, or what you like about the program. We’re also interested in what you would like to see on the program or even what you didn’t like.

If you have something that you’d like to, uh, critique us on, please go ahead and do it. Somebody actually said Cal, get my cell phone, my phone that’s behind me to my right over here, get it out of the picture, it looks bad. But anyway, uh, I guess that’s all, all I really have to say now and that’s it for me, Celeste Hackett in Dallas, Texas and uh, uh, for Cal Banyan, I guess in Tustin, but he’s going to say bye, this is Hypnosis, Etc., Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. , we’ll see you next time.

Cal: And this is Cal Banyan, reminding you to visit our websites at and . We have Hypnosis training for Certification and Hypnotists, we also have the Week of Power training coming up, we have this all throughout the year so that no matter when you are listening or watching this podcast, you can always go to and find out when my latest trainings are and Celeste’s latest trainings are, once she gets training.

And also go to for the good stuff that Hypnotists want. And one last thing, I’ve got another podcast that’s going on, I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and that is and you all learn about, really, the philosophy that underlies 5-PATH®, 7-Path™ and oh, really what is the secret motivating factor behind all human behavior. With that, this is Cal Banyan signing off.

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