Hypnosis for Paralysis Treatment

Published on: August 14, 2013
Source: MedicalXpress.com

Hypnosis for Paralysis Treatment

A recent journal from Medical Xpress states that neuroscientists have a renewed interest in hypnosis in studying cognitive functions.

Professor Peter Halligan from Cardiff University and David A. Oakley of University College in London had assembled a team of neuroscience and hypnosis researchers to show how using hypnotic suggestion can return new insights into the neuroscience of consciousness and motor control that can be verified through experimentation.

The study, conducted jointly with the Cardiff University’s School of Psychology and the Institute of Psychiatry in London, found similar regions of brain activity in healthy patients who experience simulated paralysis through hypnotic induction and those who display a neurological illness of paralysis without having suffered brain damage.

This study can lead to a better understanding and potential treatments for conversion disorder patients (patients with paralysis, numbness, etc. without a definable organic cause).

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