Hypnosis Rumor: Mel Gibson Becoming a Hypnotherapist?

arrives at the 2013 HBO Post Golden Globe PartyHypno-Rumor Flash: According to this website, the Braveheart star Mel Gibson is now engaging in a new hobby and it is learning the art of hypnotherapy.

His brother Chris is friends with the leading Australian hypnotist Rick Collingwood and he persuaded him to learn about mind-altering process.

Collingwood said that "Mel’s a natural; he’s got the look as well as piercing blue eyes. He’s going to be a great hypnotist.” Mel’s brother Chris talked to him over the phone about hypnotherapy and he got interested with it.

Though Gibson is learning the art of hypnotherapy, yet it is unsure if he plans to use it. Read more about Mel Gibson’s hypnotic hobby here: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/hypnotist-mel-gibson_1148975.

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