Hypnotist Help Thyself…and Overcome Epilepsy!

Hypnotist Celeste Hackett

by Celeste Hackett

In my www travels across the internet I often do a lot of reading about hypnosis.  Not too long ago during on one of my excursions, I happened upon a story of a hypnotist overcoming epilepsy with hypnosis.  Epilepsy?  Really? With hypnosis?  I just had to learn more!  Well, his name is Geoffrey E. Goodman and his business is called, and I love this name, 360 Hypnosis.

Geoffrey, how long have you been a professional at this Hypnosis stuff?

I have been a professional Hypnotist for the past year, but I have been using some form of self Hypnosis since I was 9 years old (I am 25 now).

Wow, 9 years old!  What caused you to make a career out of hypnosis?

I saw how well affirmations, positive thinking, and autosuggestions worked for me as well as my friends and family. I also wanted to change the world or at least change people’s lives. There is nothing more rewarding than doing this. Before going full time I would help co-workers with hypnosis and began seeing rapid changes in their lives. I helped them with things such as maintaining a positive mindset, visualizing, using affirmations etc. and I noticed that so many wonderful things were, indeed, really happening for them.  Stumbling into Hypnosis was a Godsend for me, and I hold it close to my heart.

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?

Currently I am located in San Diego within a chiropractor office. The office itself as well as my individual office has a good calming energy to it and I deal with a wide range of issues. I do my best to teach clients that all events in our lives are neutral and it is how we interpret them (positive or negative) that matters most. I think it’s very important for clients to understand that we attract everything to us by our thoughts. I’m not just talking the law of attraction, I am talking about we become what we think about. We all have “I am” statements that create who we are. We also shape our reality by our perceptions.

Do you specialize?

I do not specialize in one area and I work with almost every type of client. I also have a sister company which combines hypnosis, personal training and nutrition to help people lose weight. I, myself, struggled with weight issues and as well as being a hypnotist I am also a personal trainer. I guess if I had to narrow things down I enjoy working with weight loss clients a whole lot and perhaps in the future that may be a niche for me.

Now for the good part how have you “helped thyself” with Hypnosis?

I began using self hypnosis, autosuggestion, and affirmations on myself as a kid not knowing what I was really doing. I was a heavyset young guy and had been diagnosed with epilepsy at age 12. I was also into magic and sort of fell into hypnotism. I read this little book on how to hypnotize others, as well as myself, and used to pretend that I was in some sort of trance probably when I was as young as age 9.

As I got a little older (right before high school) I really wanted to lose weight, and since contact sports were out for me due to the epilepsy, I started chanting in my head, “the longer I run, the tighter my abs become.” which was a suggestion my aunt had given to me. Within a month and a half of joining the XC running team I lost probably close to 30 pounds (And this was pretty impressive considering I had never run or exercised a day in my life). I attribute my success to my positive mental attitude. I continued to create suggestions for myself and even ran a 4:58 mile as well!

As I got a little older, closer to driving age, I really wanted to get my driver’s license. I knew that I had to be free from epilepsy symptoms it in order to get to drive. So, each and every day I began to tell myself I am free from the epilepsy, I am free from the epilepsy. I also used to visualize myself driving a vehicle and had great expectations.

Once I turned 16, it was time for the latest MRI’s, Cat-Scans and Blood tests to see my progress. I remember that while I was waiting for the test I found myself feeling confident that my condition was gone. The doctors proceeded with the tests and I could not find a trace of epilepsy! I knew this stuff caused my body to change and heal.

I further explored self hypnosis throughout college and post college. I continue to use autosuggestion as well as self hypnosis even today and have great results.

Do you think hypnotists should use hypnosis for their own problems?

Absolutely! I think every person in the self help field especially Hypnotists should follow their own advice. It bothers me to hear about a hypnotist who is either overweight or a smoker helping a client who needs that type of service. We need to set an example for our clients ,so they feel motivated to change. I think self hypnosis is one of the best things I’ve ever learned.

Do you have any special techniques you’ve used on yourself that you can share with others that have epilepsy?

I use 3×5 cards with affirmations on them from time to time. I really believe that where the mind goes the body will follow and if a person who has epilepsy create a positive mantra for him or herself, visualizes, and keeps a positive attitude that can really help.  My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and received a psa number that was quite high. He knew about self hypnosis from his cousin and myself and imagined the prostate shrinking down to the smallest little particle. When he got his # back it had gone down substantially.

I seriously recommend learning self hypnosis to everyone. There are so many great stories about people with cancer or epilepsy etc who have gotten past it by using their minds. I really believe our minds can do great things especially control the way our bodies function.

Well Geoffrey, I am so glad we could spend time together like this. I appreciate your candor and that you took the time to share your story.  I know it will be so inspiring to other hypnotists who are considering working on themselves.  Sometimes we just need a model or to hear a story to get us going.

And to all who have read this please have a safe and blessed New Year in 2011 and may all your New Year’s Resolution’s, or goals, come true. I know they will.  After all, you’re a hypnotist and you can MAKE them come true.  Go get em!

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