Learning to ‘unzip the fat suit’: Obese woman so heavy she needed both knees replaced loses over 170lbs through hypnosis

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Source: Mail Online


Trish Walker, 56, from Australia, who was 247lbs and had both knees replaced dropped to 123lbs after conquering her fast food cravings with the help of hypnosis. She lost around 170lbs, half of her body weight in 18 months.

Trish contemplated on having a gastric band but had fears due to her sister-in-law having died from complications from having one fitted. Her psychiatrist recommended her to Maggie Wilde, a hypnotherapist who had success with food addicts.

Maggie Wilde worked with Trish using the CPR (control, program, rewire) method, which involves tapping on control points on the body while repeating mantras to retrain her thoughts around food. Trish also used the hypnosis tapping method to help rid herself of her fear of exercise.

The course proved so successful that Trish was able to conquer her addiction to food and lose weight without the dangerous surgery.


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