Mind over Matter

Published on: February 1, 2013
Source: The Star
Author: Tan Shiow Chin

Hypnosis helps Vel Kavadi bearers feel less pain while being pierced by sharp skewers or hooks.

Although some claimed that the reason behind of not feeling the pain was the holy ash that was soiled on the parts of the body. But not many scientific studies have been done on this property of cow’s dung as a component on the holy ash.

Moreover, many psychiatrists say that in order to understand pain, one must realize that pain is composed of both sensory and emotional experience.

Before the piercing of hooks to Kavadi bearers, they all undergo deep preparations such meditation and practicing vegetarian diet.

Assoc Prof Dr Mohanraj shared that it has also been scientifically proven that the state of mind affects the body. Bearers went to a state of trance where they are more susceptible to suggestions. With the bearers’ deep concentration and focus, one can diverse the thought of pain thus resulting to lower the distress or anxiety felt.

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