My Experience With Empowering Relationships for Excellence™ Seminar

Hypnotist Beth Keil

by Beth Keil

Monday I came home from a week in Kaua’i, Hawai’i. I was there for a weeklong life coach training seminar, “Empowering Relationships for Excellence™”, that was developed to incorporate a healthy balance of work, rest and play into our daily life.

Prior to arriving in Hawaii, my life, as for many of you, was made up of lots of work (mostly comprised of work I love), some rest, with play ranking low down on my list. While in Kaua’i , balance was built into my day and it became effortless. That was the design of the week and of the program we were being trained to facilitate and coach others in. In becoming aware of what we need to be balanced and aligned, and incorporating those practices into each day, life becomes filled with ease.

Our day began with breakfast, a meal I routinely omitted (a morning cup of decaf organic coffee used to be my breakfast). Each morning, our training began at 9 a.m. with a 35 minute fitness program comprised of stretching, slow breathing, quieting our mind, focus and strengthening. After a brief break we gathered together for “Empowering Relationships for Excellence tm”. We worked from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.. We ate lunch, another meal I used to routinely skip because I was (a) too busy to eat, (b) didn’t plan ahead and have something with me to eat, or (c) forgot to eat. After lunch it was time to get into our bathing suits and head to one of the many wonderful beaches Kaua’i has to offer. We were free to swim, lay in the sun, read, or walk along the beach. Or not go to the beach at all. The beauty of the island is amazing, from the waterfalls high in the mountains, to the different hues of blue of the sea. We saw whales breeching, dolphins swimming, a seal resting on the beach exhausted from its swim from Alaska and oh, yes— double rainbows. When we returned from the beach it was time to get into the hot tub jacuzzi to relax before making dinner. After dinner we relaxed and had fun. We even attended a Hula convention where we learned two dances and were later part of the evening’s performances of Hula.

Coming home has been a transition. I’ve needed to adjust to the five hour time difference and feeling how out of balance the pace of life I lived before my trip and the one I experienced in Kaua’i. I realized the latter was part of the design of the seminar I completed.

Much has been written about the pace our society at large keeps. We as hypnotists know many of the dis-eases and illnesses our clients experience have a stress component. Devices that have now found their way into our homes, including cell phones, computers, and PDAs keep us plugged into the energy of world and local events. It can feel as if we’re expected to respond quickly to messages we receive, that there is urgency to know what’s happening. These time saving devices take our time. Just think of the time it takes to go through your e-mails and delete the spam, unwanted e-mails and chain letters.

So, how’s balance in your life? Are you still trying to find a way to create it? And live it? Do you want a hint on how to have it NOW?

Create your day or your day will create you.

Either the night before or first thing in the morning sit down and design your day. An e-mail I received a year or so ago illustrates this way of living. Imagine a glass container. To the right of the container is a pile of sand, a pile of pebbles and a pile of rocks. The sand represents the unimportant things you need to do and the pebbles the somewhat important things. The rocks are what is called your “Absolute Yes”— things that nourish you, that when included in your day, make the absolute difference in how you feel and think.

Most people put sand in the container first, then the pebbles, and then find that there is no room for the rocks. They end up feeling depleted because they haven’t nourished themselves and are running on empty. People who design their day putting the rock in first, then the pebbles, find the sand fills the in between spaces and everything fits in the container. These people are filled with energy, joy and balance. By designing their day around their “Absolute Yes”, they are nourished and their life is in balance. Now it doesn’t mean you have to do your “Absolute Yes” first thing in the day; what it means is you schedule them first and everything else around them.

As for me, I made the decision to only check my e-mails during the week, and then only every other day. My cell phone is turned off after business hours unless I made special arrangements for someone to call. I do the fitness routine I did in Hawai’i at least 6 days a week and a friend, who is a nutritional coach, is assisting me in improving my health. I drink at least 6 glasses of water a day and I am eating breakfast every morning. And I eat lunch. I have been looking at my work schedule and making changes so I work smarter, not harder. I’ve even begun to put play on my calendar.
I’m creating my day and my life.


Beth Keil

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