Relationships: Hypnotic suggestion works mysteriously

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Source: October 5, 2013

Engine Crew

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, an inner experience. The therapist acts as guide; the patient takes the trip. Hypnosis works because of three key elements: a person’s ability to: 1. Learn the skill of relaxation, 2. Focus attention inward, and 3. Utilize psychological suggestion. It is the mysterious power of psychological suggestion that has the ability to alter troublesome symptom behavior.

Simon Lyman noted that psychological suggestion, via hypnosis, works in our bodies like repair crew who quietly maintain the engine “below decks” in a ship, out of sight and at the same time vital.

Hypnosis, an inner power that most people have, is a matter of harnessing energy to bring about the change in the body-mind immune system.

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