Why Hypnotherapy is a Better Choice than the ‘Feeding Tube Diet’

Published on: April 17, 2012
Source: Examiner.com
Author: Jami McDonald

hypnotherapy and weight loss

The latest weight loss fad is the "Feeding Tube Diet." In order to lose weight, people are using feeding tubes to consume a mere 800 calories per day. Can you keep the weight off with the Feeding Tube Diet? No… unless you make a lifestyle change, you cannot rely on the feeding tube diet to permanently keep the weight off. There are many reasons why people continue their unhealthy eating habits. One of the best ways to identify the root cause of your eating disorder is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy allows clients to identify the underlying reasons for their eating habits and helps them fix these issues so that they can focus on healthy lifestyle choices. Recently, studies have shown that hypnotherapy offers a higher success rate in weight loss management than other programs.

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