Add Credibility to Your Website with Third Party Endorsements

Hypnotherapist Instructor Cal Banyan

by Cal Banyan

Back in August at the NGH convention I had a wonderful dinner with Elsom Eldridge, Jr., a marketing expert who promotes and helps to put on the NGH Convention. He is a marketing expert who is recognized around the world. (Click his name to hear his seminar, How to Market and Build Your Hypnosis Practice.)

Among all the things that we talked about that night was the usefulness of third party endorsements to make a website, especially a hypnosis related website, more believable to the visitor. We talked about ways to do this and he mentioned that he liked the program that we have been running, the Quality Hypnosis Website Award, and he mentioned that he was going to discuss the idea with the leadership of the NGH.

NGH Hypnosis Website Award

Well, just yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see that the NGH has adopted the idea. This is great news for all NGH members who have a website. So check your email for the NGH newsletter to find out if your site qualifies for the graphic that indicates that you site has earned the award. To the left is a sample of what the graphic is expected to look like (as shown in the newsletter). Remember to qualify for this NGH award, you must be a current member of the NGH. So get your website in shape, pay your dues, and apply for the award. Having these third party endorsements add credibility to your site, and that can mean more clients, product sales, and students.

Hypnosis.ORG Excellent Hypnosis Website Award

As you all probably know by now, we have been running this kind of a program for quite some time now. On the left is an example of the graphic that we are using in our program.

NOTE: You do not need to be an NGH member to qualify for this award. Details about the requirements to receive this award are found on the Quality Hypnosis Award program page on our website, www.Hypnosis.ORG.

Websites around the world have already increased the credibility by using our www.Hypnosis.ORG Excellent Hypnosis Website Award graphic. We hope you will consider applying for it as well. It only takes a few minutes, and you usually get a response indicating your website’s acceptance in about 24 hours. By the way, it is free. Click on the graphic and you can get started now. (Our IT staff can help you to place the graphic on your site if you would like.)

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