Announcing Rob MacInnes – Now Writing for the Hypnosis.ORG E-Zine

Hypnotherapist Rob MacInnesI am very happy to announce that we have a new writer who will be publishing hypnosis articles on our website E-Zine on, www.Hypnosis.ORG.

Rob MacInnes, CH is a graduate student studying psychology. With his background in hypnotherapy and academia, he will be publishing articles focused on providing you with a scientific psychological view on how and why hypnosis works.

I think that you are all going to appreciate his articles because he is one who values scientific research AND "clinical" application of hypnotism.

Rob is also a 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotherapist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher.

Here is his first article for you. We hope you will enjoy it and that it will add to your knowledge of hypnotism.

Hypnosis and Meditation
By Rob MacInnes CH

A frequent question I see arising from clients, the hypno-curious, and even on meditation oriented internet forums is: What is the relationship of hypnosis to meditation? This question takes on many forms: Is hypnosis a form of meditation? Is the phenomenon experienced in deep meditation some kind of hypnotic or auto suggested hallucination? Is the type of meditation I am doing really a form of trance or self hypnosis? Usually underlying the question is a notion that having one’s practice equated to hypnosis makes it somehow of a lesser order. In other words, "are you meditating or merely hypnotizing yourself?".

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