Cops get a lesson on forensic hypnosis

Ashish Gaur,TNN

Published on: Jan 23, 2014
Source: The Times of India

Forensic Hypnosis Police

Police personnel from all over the district of Madhya Pradesh attended a five-day workshop on forensic hypnosis and stress management. The aim of the workshop was to guide police personnel about investigation of crime through forensic hypnosis and stress management hypnosis for self and others.

Retired DSP, Ajay Singh Chauhan, emphasized upon the importance of forensic hypnosis that it is used to get witnesses or victims of crimes to remember things they may have forgotten or repressed.
Pawan Singhal, an inspector of the Malharganj police station mentioned that the workshop has helped in learning how to cope with work pressure. It also helped in increasing both physical and mental efficiency.

Dr Sudhir Khetawat, Chairman of the Hypnotherapy Research Center said that Every case can be solved through self-hypnosis, which is beneficial for police personnel- to increase physical and mental efficiency, pain control at finger tips, lose weight (during sleep hours).

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