The Secret Life of a Hypnotist

Hypnotist Celeste Hackett

by Celeste Hackett

Do you ever wonder what a hypnotist’s after hours life is like? Do hypnotists just leave it all at the office? I don’t know about other hypnotists, but here is just a peek behind the scenes of my ever so sweet hypnotic life.

I really grieved the garden that I had back in Houston before I married my husband, so once we finally scraped enough money together, in 2007, to get a house here in Plano (very near to Dallas), I was absolutely thrilled to have a huge yard in the back and even another yard on the side to plant things! But I quickly became frustrated to learn that the plants that grew so well back in Houston died here. I lost a lot of money on plants. The weather is much dryer, the sun seems a million times hotter and the soil is much thicker. It took a while to learn how to make things grow here, but I did finally become appreciative of the new climate and plants in time.

Perhaps even better Christopher and I developed a favorite thing we do outside in the mornings, and we can do it here most of the months of the year comfortably in the mornings and evenings. It is very simple, or so it seems, we just sit outside and watch the birds fly in to feed at our bird feeders, breath the fresh air, sip coffee and talk. That’s it. On a beautiful morning Christopher and I can do that for hours. We love it. I wonder if it is because we are growing older. I must admit, a little sheepishly, to having the thought of getting rocking chairs for our back patio.

We also have names for the birds that venture into the garden. “Meany” is the boy sparrow who picks on the other sparrows for no apparent reason. He will just hop over and peck the heck out of some unsuspecting little sister bird. We think he has a personality disorder, but as you know hypnotists are not allowed to diagnose, so we keep that quiet. Then, there is “Limpy”, a very politically incorrect name for a black bird that hops around on one foot all the time. Oh, and let’s not forget “Cheeky” the squirrel who Christopher, after much effort, coaxed to eat out of his hand. That was an epic day in the backyard chronicles.

Out in the morning air, it doesn’t look like we are doing much, but we are. This is where we talk about our hopes and dreams, share news of the world and of family, and where we trouble-shoot our problems. It’s also one of the best times we use to inspire and encourage each other. This is our time as husband and wife. Lately, it seems it’s now other people’s time too, because our house has slowly become full of homeless people. And they all watch the birds and butterflies with us.

I’m not kidding. We now have 5 homeless people living in our house along with two homeless dogs (5 dogs when you count our three now live in our house). You may wonder how this has happened. I even wonder how this happened. But I am glad it did. Even with all the clients I have I still love helping people. The homeless people are made up of family who needed a break and I guess they are not homeless anymore. They live here. You may think I am enabling them. I’ve actually been told that by people who have no information other than what I just gave you. I see them getting better each day. Each gets stronger and my gut says they will move out and on when the timing is right. One of them already signed a lease on a new apartment.

I definitely make use of waking suggestion when appropriate with each of them, and also I like to use the hypnotic quality of large dollops of love and understanding. I have noticed that time and the natural desire for dreaming and action, that inherent life drive, seems to rise again after a person gets some rest and some perspective. So, I guess you could say that too has been available as a natural healing component in our home.

When the fifth one moved in it was on Thanksgiving Day. The day before Thanksgiving, I got a note on my door that said the City of Plano would be ripping up the street outside. This was a big deal because I see clients from my home. My clients usually park in front of our house and I realized they would not be able to once the city began their work. So, I immediately began looking for a temporary office. Right after I began looking, before I even found a new office, homeless person number 5 moved into my office. Yes, I gave my approval, but it’s funny how they were needy just at that time when the space was available.

Over the years, since I have lived here in this house, I have noticed that for some reason this house is so often full of people visiting or needing a place to stay for a while. And even with all the family, dogs and friends coming and going clients are still attracted here causing us to have a very successful home hypnosis practice. So, not only do a lot of clients come here and get much better, but family and friends gravitate here too, to socialize or when they have a problem. I’ve always thought it was very odd because from the looks of it our house is certainly nothing special. It’s also really not suited for so many people living here either. The kitchen is teeny and needs remodeling. The plumbing and wiring needs updating and sometimes just doesn’t work. There is always something that needs repair. I often try to figure it out. Why are so many people drawn here?

One day I got the idea to look up the numerology of our house. Have you ever done that on your home or office? It is very interesting. Our house, it seems, is a nine.

9 Home

Everyone is welcome in a 9 home! 9 is the number of universal love and compassion, therefore feelings of love and acceptance are promoted. Your intuition will be at an all time high. You might find yourself receiving phone calls and visitors from people seeking your advice. People will be drawn to your home because of the loving energy there. 9 is an international number, so might feel the need to travel, or welcome visitors from other parts of the world. You will find yourself conjuring memories and emotions from the past so you can have healing and forgiveness. Feelings will need to be expressed, as well as creativity. Ultimately, you will learn a great deal about yourself and other people from living here and will find many emotional rewards.

Challenges: This address is particularly suited for groups that promote the good of the whole such as dorms or schools, or individuals with an open heart and mind, but not as good for families. 9 is an idealistic energy, and can be difficult if you are needing to make more money or become more ambitious. You can find yourself dwelling on the past or emotions too much, or fear abandonment or rejection. If you learn to love yourself without the need for approval from others, and listen to that strong intuition of yours, you will thrive!

Well that explains things! Could that be what happened? I don’t really know, but I do find the whole thing very interesting!

I now have a new office in a big corporate building called The Bank of America Building (see I told you it was big and corporate). The building is a 2 in terms of numerology. The office is a 2. Does that make it a 2 or a 4? I don’t know really, but I do know one thing being in my own space each day will be nice. When the lease is up in the corporate office, I will be returning home to work again. As much as I like going away each day, I already do miss working from home too. And April is the perfect time to return home to sit and have coffee with Christopher and to see Meany, Limpy and Cheeky again. I wonder if it will be just us. Either way, I’m learning to surrender.

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