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Hypnotist Matt Sison

by Matt Sison

Generation Hypnosis: A Time for Change

Out in the deep space of our Milky Way lies what seems to be a hole. And around that hole is a gravity field that scientists say even the speed of light can not escape. The area that surrounds this hole has been named The Event Horizon and anything that enters it gets sucked into the center of the black hole eventually stretching out and disseminating into its basic element of energy, before it reaches what scientists call the point of singularity inside the center of the hole.

Now, no one knows what may be on the other side of the black hole of our Milky Way, but it has been postulated that a whole new galaxy exists. This galaxy being a sum total of what was entered into The Event Horizon from the Milky Way, which was then spewed out into a new world on the other side of the black hole. Albert Einstein has taught us that Energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred or transformed. Hmmm, so what then is that energy being transformed into on the other side of the black hole? If we go with the idea of the law of opposites then maybe on the other side of that black hole is a fountain of light?

I can’t honestly tell you what happens beyond the singularity point in the black hole, however, let me give you something to ponder. According to Scientists, the Big Bang in the beginning of the universe started as a singularity point and exploded into a space of infinite expansion.

In my years as a hypnotist, I’ve watched on numerous occasions a black hole that sits amongst the masses. This hole becomes so scary to most that they wish to believe it doesn’t exist or that it exists outside of them and inside of everyone else.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know what I’m referring to. Come on, you know that little something inside your being that draws you into a negative reaction when you have a feeling you just don’t like. That part of you that lurks and hides in the background as you try to ignore its existence. However, even your best abilities to try and ignore this black hole are futile, as eventually it finds an event in your life to pull you in; and once pulled in, like the Black Hole in the Milky Way, it destroys everything that crosses your path, even yourself.

Again, I can not personally tell you what lies beyond the Black Hole in the Milky Way. But I do know this, being blessed with the experience of guiding others (and myself) into the black hole of our humanness, on the other side of that black hole within us is that fountain of light. But before reaching this “light” there is a big bang that happens: a converging of the light and dark. This big bang is what keeps most of us from venturing into the Event Horizons of our own darkness. But just because we don’t venture into it doesn’t mean that this darkness doesn’t exist inside of us. Darkness will have a way of giving us a false sense of safety and security and then sneaking up on us when we least expect it, even though we try to push it away. Not only will it sneak up on us, but should we keep trying to ignore it, it accumulates into a power that will trick us into thinking its bigger then us. This is where I stand in the face of those that say ‘all we have to do is think “positive” and forget about what’s happened to us in the past. But I digress, as this topic is for another article and another time, so stay tuned ;).

It could be said then that our mission as hypnotists, specifically regression hypnotists, is to provide our clients safe passage into the black hole of their fears. To serve as a protective vessel, allowing them to confront and heal their past and guiding their consciousness beyond the shadows of faulty reason into the glorious fountain of loving light that awaits them on the other side: The source from which we were all created. The Genesis of all possibility. It is in the darkness that lies a source within us that has the facility to transfer the energy of our black holes into a Big Bang of infinite expansion. A big bang of energy for us to manifest everything born from the within the light, such as: Prosperity, Abundance, Transcendence, Love and Joy. It is in this manifestation that we fulfill the ideology that we are made in the likeness of the creator.

As a regression hypnotist and through my sessions with clients as well as working on myself, I’ve been able to see what’s on the other side of the black hole for me and for others. It’s not another Event Horizon into a descent of darkness, but rather a Horizon Event Into a fountain of light! It’s a place that the poet Rumi has called the field beyond right doing and wrong doing. A field where all is forgiven. A field in harmony with the source that created us all. A field of infinite possibilities. Although it’s a glorious feeling to be able to take a client there, it does take a willingness that you enter The Event Horizon yourself, and this is where we separate, as Cal Banyan would say, the 1%ers from the 99%ers. And if you consider yourself a 1%er then I invite you to join me in the near future in reading this column: Generation Hypnosis!

My most harmonious wishes to you all.


Matt Sison

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”- Carl Jung

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