I Will Be 50 Years Old on April 16th

Hypnotist Beth Keil

by Beth Keil

In a few weeks I will turn 50. Like the thrill of seeing the numbers on an odometer turn to a milestone number, this birthday is a thrilling hill”; now it’s just when life gets going! It all comes down to perspective. My life is filled with possibility. Whether is the cup half full or half empty is all up to me. I see the cup brimming over!

Perspective. Introspective.

Being at a crossroads I reflect on my past—paths not taken, surprises along the way, experiences that taught me what I needed to know and in the manner that I needed to learn it. Regrets? Some, but I wouldn’t trade where I am. The future? Turning 40 was amazing! It brought with it a sense of freedom. My 40’s were a time of change: being a single mom for a year while my husband was deployed, living with teenagers, becoming a hypnotist and a fulfillment coach. My friends who have already passed through the threshold of 50 are true inspirations! Fifty brings with it a sense of my own mortality (or at least my body’s), loss, creativity, a connection with ancestors, and, despite being a passionate person, a knowing that I don’t have to fight every battle (or even make things into a battle). As for the Now, there are still moments that pass by without notice but there’s a calling to be present—to be grateful for all that is. I notice the seasons and their connection to life’s cycles. I know when it’s springtime because the moon shines its beams in my bedroom!

The past, now, and future. I stand at the crossroads of all three. My work as a hypnotist also draws upon these crossroads. Clients are at crossroads in their own lives, whether it’s to stop a bad habit, a way behaving, or to live the life of their dreams. They come to see me because they’re frustrated—something in their lives, what they’re doing, isn’t working. Through the hypnotic process I’m trained in, clients gain insight and clarity into their past, how they were carrying it into their future, and how to live more and more in the present. Another way to say it is their past can inform them but it stops creating their future!

The work I do is a gift to me. It’s a source of clarity for my own life, releasing and letting go what does not serve my highest and best. I stand in the space of compassion. I hold the space for people to do the work they’ve come to do by providing a sense of safety and trust. I witness the courage of others. Like the cycle of life I witness the end of old ways giving birth to hope and renewal.

So, the next time you find yourself at a crossroads, pause. It doesn’t take a milestone birthday to be standing there. Ask yourself what you want to take with you on your journey. Will it weigh you down or lighten your step? Remember, you stand in the space of opportunity.

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