Scientific Research Indicates Hypnosis May Improve Type of Hair Loss

Hypnosis for Hair LossHere is a report that will be of interest to hypnotists. AAP reports that “Hypnotherapy may enhance the mental well-being of patients with alopecia” and that “Psychological factors, such as stressful events and psychotrauma have also been reported to play a role in the onset of the condition…”

As I teach in my classes, anything that stress makes worse, properly applied hypnotic techniques, such as 5-PATH® can improve or completely neutralize. This study reinforces that view which is based on the Diathesis-Stress Hypothesis, which states that stress is a major component in most if not all forms of chronic illness.

To read the entire article based on the research of Dr. Ria Willemsen, of Free University in Brussels, published in the American Academy of Dermatology click here.

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