Use Hypnosis to Study Moral Judgment: The Role of Reason and Emotion

Here is an interesting bit of scientific information for you from the Natural News website. A lot of people, including scientists and researchers wonder about the idea of moral philosophy. Are moral judgments a result of reasoning or of an emotion? Some say that moral judgments are nothing but expressions, or about, the persons judge’s own attitudes such as their thoughts, feelings or personal opinions. While others thought that moral judgments can express through objective moral facts, meaning the truth does not depend on who judges them or whether someone judges them at all.

For example, Wheatley and Haidt researched how hypnosis has an effect on moral judgment. The result of their research made them conclude that intuition and feelings can influence moral judgments. This topic though is still up for debate and still early to conclude though many are saying that hypnosis is a great tool to determine whether moral judgment is based on emotion or on reasoning. Read more about this topic here:
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