Hypnotherapy Used as a Phobia Treatment and Anaesthesia Complement During Surgery

Hypnotherapy LoungeUK healthcare system is making an increasing use of hypnotherapy for phobia treatment and a complementary form of anaesthesia according to The Daily Mail reports. Such forms of hypnotherapy are helping people to overcome anxiety and/or fear during surgical treatments.

“Hypnosedation” is a technique where surgical patients are not given general anaesthetic but a combination of hypnotherapy, a mild sedative, and a local anaesthetic. This procedure has been used extensively in Europe and seen a great success there. Studies reportedly indicate that those who undergo hypnosedation can recover faster that those who uses general anaesthesia and they also avoid the side effects of the usual treatment.

Everyone must feel anxiety and/or fear whenever they will undergo surgical treatment that is why we ask for anaesthesia but having some alternatives like hypnosedation to choose from is good as many is also afraid with the side effects cause by using anaesthesia. Read more about the use of hypnotherapy as a phobia treatment here: http://www.thetherapylounge.com/hypnotherapy-news/c-2597/hypnotherapy-used-as-a-phobia-treatment-and-anaesthesia-complement-during-surgery/

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