How hypnosis helped Becca ease birth fears

Published on: March 3, 2013
Source: Manchester Evening News

Hypnosis helped becca ease birth fears

Becca, a mum of two, turned to hypnobirthing to help her ease from fear of giving birth and to learn pain management techniques!

Becca with his husband Paul Selby had feared to have another baby after giving two difficult labors. The couple decided to undergo birth hypnotherapy to help eliminate their fears of not having a baby again.

After taking several hypnosis sessions, both were able to identify things that kept them from worrying about having another baby and gained insights on how to conquer their fears.

As a result, Becca even had a home birth – giving birth to their third child named “Noah” in their dining room, felt less pain and had more control of herself and became calmer and more relax.

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