Hypnosis study unlocks secrets of unexplained paralysis

Published on: March 6, 2013
Source: Manchester Evening News

Hypnosis study unlocks secrets of unexplained paralysis

Neuroscientists had begun interested on hypnosis for using hypnotic suggestions to test expectations about normal cognitive functioning.

Professor Peter Halligan and David Oakley illustrated how both methodological and theoretical advances using hypnotic suggestions can return novel and insights for neuroscience of consciousness and motor control.

In addition, Halligan and Oakley had also contributed to a new and revealing brain imaging study involving hypnotic paralysis that explores the brain system.

In professor’s Halligan new study, he suggests that hypnosis can provide perceptions and comprehensions to the brain system involved in patients who displayed symptoms of neurological illnesses. The study showed that hypnotic suggestions can be used to simulate symptoms experienced by patients with functional disorder or unexplained paralysis.

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