Cal Banyan Interviewed on Voice America (5-PATH®)

Cal Banyan

William Mitchell interviews Cal Banyan on his Stretch Your Mind, Shrink Your Waist, Internet "radio talk show" on In this interview Cal gives a mini-seminar on 5-PATH® and discusses a couple of case histories in which he helps a "Blind Boy" regain his sight, and "The Barking Girl" overcome a vocal tic.

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You will learn:

  • What is 5-PATH® and how it was developed.

  • What is an insight work and how it can cause suggestions to become permanent.

  • The role of emotional release in hypnosis.

  • How hypnotic age regression work.

  • How forgiveness work improves our client's ability to accept hypnotic suggestions.

  • Why the Secret Language of Feelings was discovered and how it can help your clients.