How to Write Great Hypnosis Scripts

Dell Hunter Morill

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In case you didn't know, Del is a well known and highly respected hypnotist who has written several volumes of hypnosis scripts. They are all a great resource for all hypnotists. You can learn more about her Great Escapes series by going using the links below.

In this seminar she is going to teach you how to write great scripts for yourself. Here is an example of what she will cover in this free seminar.

  1. How to approach writing hypnosis scripts.

  2. What style works best.

  3. What needs to be included in each script.

  4. How writing for adults differs from writing for children.

  5. What are the optimum lengths for hypnosis scripts.

  6. What are the best ways to end a script.

  7. When should ideomotor questioning be included in a script.

  8. What releasing methods should be used.

  9. And more!

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