An Interview with Dr. Damon, Pres. of the NGH Now Available

Dr. Dwight Damon

The Meet the Pros Program brings some of the biggest names in the profession to give you free seminars on the topic of hypnosis.

Today, I am very happy to have conducted an interview with the man at the top of the profession and the National Guild of Hypnotists’, Dr. Dwight Damon.

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Here are just some of the topics we discussed in this program with Dr. Dwight Damon:

  • The development and growth of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

  • Why hypnotism is now a distinct profession unto itself.

  • Why and how it benefits hypnotists to use the title, “Consulting Hypnotist”.

  • How the Hypnotists Union, National Federation of Hypnotists local 104, helps you to remain in practice.

  • Benefits of NGH membership and attending this year’s convention.

  • How you can grow your practice in today’s economy.

I am thrilled to have had this opportunity to have conducted this interview with Dr. Damon. I hope you enjoy it. Cal Banyan
The Interviewer