The King of Pain (Management) Discusses HypnoAnesthesia

Ron Eslinger

Why learn from Ron Eslinger? Because he is the prevailing leader in the field of hypnosis for anesthesia and pain management. His training and experience is simply unsurpassed! This is the knowledge and training you need to make HypnoAnesthesia an important part of your hypnosis practice.

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What we will cover:

  • How does hypnosis work to manage pain?

  • What does the medical profession think of using hypnosis for pain management?

  • What does the hypnotist need to know before he or she starts using hypnosis for pain?

  • Question and answer time with Ron Eslinger by online participants.

Today were are lucky to have Ron with us to give us an insider's look at the use of hypnosis to deal with pain.

Thank you very much for being with us tonight!