How Hypnotists Can Become Successful Corporate Trainers and Consultants

Richard Harte

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I hope you will enjoy my interview with Dr. Richard Harte, who is famous for putting together the National Guild of Hypnotists' Train the Trainer program. But most do not know that he is one of THE most successful corporate trainers and consultants in the profession.

He tells me that corporate training and consulting is a very under-developed area of our profession and he is going to tell us all how to get involved in this lucrative area of hypnosis.

Here are some of the important tips that Dr. Harte will cover during this talk for those wanting to get into the corporate training and consulting field:

  1. Assessment and Goal Setting

  2. Sales Persistence Training

  3. Reinforcement and Encouragement

  4. Stress Management Training

  5. Imagination and Persistence

  6. Executive Coaching

Cal Banyan
The Interviewer